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I have a question to SEO gurus.

I have over 1000 links posted at some car forum. Today I have added a signature to my profile which contains one link to my website. The signature appeared in every post I have made (so there are over 1000 new links at one moment).

So the question is: may Google ban my website for doing that? Could they think that is a link automatic building?

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    Why others are still having their signature containing "Anchor links" to their sites?
    Wouldn't them be stopping doing that for long time ago if this will cause google banning? My answer is no


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      You'll be fine. Don't worry about it. They won't ban you for that.

      You can find internet marketing strategies, SEO consulting, and tons of business advice at BAM!

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        I wouldn't worry about that. I doubt that they would ban you for that.
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    No, they won't ban you.
    But at the same time, your site won't get credit for 1000 backlinks either.
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    EDIT: double post
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    As others have said, don't even slightly worry about getting banned for such a thing. It seems like 'being banned' seems to pop up a lot. The truth is it's very hard to get banned by manually building links.

    You really have to push HARD for Google to even consider banning you. I mean software running 24/7 cranking out massive links, and those links being indexed by Google very quickly as well.

    As long as you're doing close to a clean and decent job in terms of link building, don't worry too much about being banned. That doesn't mean go crazy, when in doubt be natural.
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      This is the way of link building. So, they won't ban you.
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    Thanks for your all answers I am calm and relax now
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