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I have a website with a set of keywords in the sourcecode. are these the keywords I use when i look up my website on google? If so, i cannot find my site under these keywords.

I guess what Im asking is how do I know the keywords to punch in when trying to find out my sites pagerank? At this point im confused on how to write my articles and which keywords to use to make my site more relavant>.

WIthout knowing my sites page rank> ill never know how my progress is going and if im writing the right keyword-rich articles.

any help is appreciated as im now flying in the dark.

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    I think you are confusing a couple of things.
    PageRank is a number from 0 to 10 that google gives to every website. You can install the google toolbar with advanced features to see this.

    How your site ranks for certain search terms is more what you are getting at and this is based on many factors of google's algorithm for ranking pages. The keywords you see in the source code would be one factor. However, here are three things you might want to focus on:
    1. The text of the links pointing from other sites to your site
    2. The title of your page (appears near the top of the source when you view it)
    3. The text on your page
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Yes, I was linking the page rank that google assigns my site with the keyword relavance in my sourcecode to my sites rank. Still a bit confused though..actually maybe more confused now

      When you say the google aqlgorythm assigns a pr to my site...how does it do that and what factors are in my control to get it ranked high? inbound links only? and when I get page rank...for what words does google assign my websites rank to???? How do I know which terms a user punches into google im ranked under if google assigns page rank to my site???
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    The best factor that you can control is your "Content"! when people like it they will link to it and this is how you will get backlinks that help your site to rank higher!

    Google will look into over 200 factors to set your site rank, so it will make sense to concentrate on providing uniqe and high qulity content for your reader.

    I've developed the WordPress Rich Snippets plugin to help you markup your content with different types of schema.org markups and get rich snippets for rating stars to show in Google's SERPs.

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      You are confusing two elements.

      Page Rank, is specific to your site or PAGE, It has no bearing on keywords.

      All that Page Rank does is measures how popular your page is. Determined by how many links and the quality of the links pointing to your page.

      To increase Page rank, have high PR backlinks pointing to your site. Even better if they are from a similar niche.

      Keywords are seperate, this is how searchers find your site. you pick the best 5 keywords for your site, and write content about it and use them for the anchor text of your backlinks. It is this that helps get you ranked in google and increases traffic.
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    Page rank is different thing which some members have discussed above. Use keywords according to the content on your website. This is not the way to increase page rank.
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