SEOBook is it worth it or do you recommend something else??

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$300 seems ridiculous, then again if I am going to learn a ton of amazing info that I wouldn't have access to without it, I have no problem paying that price. I am just wondering if any of you are members or were members and what your experiences were/are like. Also, if anyone has recommendations for another program, I would love to know.

Thank you in advance!
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    Learn SEO on your own just do your research it better be a damn good book for $300 does it talk to you, and make you coffee in the morning? Lol - Just joking but that sounds steep but I do not know whats in the book, would have to see it and judge for myself.
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    I would personally recommend that you check out Jerry West's Google Best Practices Guide which I believe is currently selling for $47.

    Another good resource is Dan Theis' free ebook Free Search Engine Optimization Book, SEO Fast Start | SEO Research Labs. Both helped me a great deal.

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      Most of the search engine optimization information is available online. Just Google it.

      But if you want to offer any search engine optimization as a web service, then you'd be better with these guides.

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        A lot of information is available online. Saying that a course isn't worth it because of that is irrelevant. A course pulls all of the information together and presents it in a cohesive and understandable manner and guides the student along a learning plan.

        I bought Aaron's SEOBook when it was actually sold as an ebook. It has a lot of great information and is a good starting point for anyone that wants to learn about SEO. I've never subscribed to the membership.

        When he first started it, it was $79, then raised to $150. He still had so many people sign up that he closed the site to new memberships for a few months. when it reopened, the membership was then $300 and it doesn't seem like he has a problem sustaining the membership, so there must be quite a few people that think it is worth it.
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          Thank you very much! I really appreciate all of your feedback. I think I might try it out and if I am not thrilled I will just cancel the membership.
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            Hey, Sarah~

            It's your $$, but before you drop that kind of coin, you should really check out the biannual report from SEOmoz, if you haven't already. It's a comprehensive survey of 100 SEO industry experts who give their insight into reverse-engineering Google's algorithms.

            Search Engine Ranking Factors

            That's a FREE multi-page report that could have easily been sold for hundreds of dollars!

            Rand Fishkin runs and is respected enough that Matt Cutts (SEO anti-spam boss @ Google) posts on the blog fairly often.

            There are even a few WF names over there, too. But the "official story" over there is strictly white hat only, so be careful what you say.

            I would wager that if you actually read & digested that report and everybody's commentary, you would be more knowledgable than 80~90% of the folks around here.

            For the life of me, I don't know why more IMer's don't study the mainstream SEO industry, instead of just regurgitating rumors. </rant>

            Anyways, save your cash, grab that report & a cup of your favorite stimulating beverage, and you're good to go!
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    I would save the money for now and peruse through this:

    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
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    I would never ever spent that much on something that is already free on the NET. Just do some reasearch and you will end up with most of what the SEO ebook have in.
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    I just figure that it has to be good. If they can turn people away at the $150 level and then pack the house at $300, there must be some great information. I really appreciate all of your comments and I am still thinking it over so if anyone has been a member or is currently a member of SEOBook, please let me know.
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    Our site is not so much about selling information as it is about the interaction. I have made close to 20,000 posts in our forums so far. We do offer lots of background information and training materials...but it is really the quality of the forums (lack of noise, lack of sales pitches, no signature links, etc. and high quality interaction) that people are paid for. And since the other members are paid members as well the level of discourse is generally higher than any other community I have ever been a part of.

    Also a lot of the politics stuff that happens in free forums where there are lots of flame wars and such don't really happen in our paid forums. And on the rare occasion something like that happens it is fixed instantly, and if it is from a new member or someone who has any history of acting up, then the person is swiftly booted out of the community to maintain the viability for our core membership.


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      I asked this similar question several months ago. I have seen Aaron Wall go from $50 a month to now $300 a month. He has some good Free tools, I use the Free SEO for FF regularly. But, there are so many good SEO programs out there, I am sure you can find many for much better ROI then $300 a month. I spend $150 a month on Brute Force only because it is an amazing tool that pretty much blows everything else away.
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