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I found a two word keyword domain that I can get either .net or .org. The .com is a parked page without content. Google volume for the domain is 135,000 phrase, and 22,000 exact. I could place on first page without much trouble.

Whats puzzling me is that there are zero ads displayed when I type the keywords into google search, yet the advertiser completion bar is about 80% green in the google keyword tool.

On the surface the volume seems too good to be true considering I can have the keyword domain. But really wondering why there are no ads for it. This would be an adsense site.

Can the keyword tool be completely wrong with this phrase?
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    Make sure you're using exact match when doing keyword research. Broad seems to be the much too common mistake. People go out optimizing for a phrase they left on broad match in their keyword research tool. Then, they realize they aren't getting much traffic. If it's for adsense, you better hope their are advertisers, otherwise move on.

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      The exact is 22k searches. The broader niche (celebrities) gets millions. The adsense click cost is rather low, but I'd imagine there will be no shortage of ads. I'm just wanting to get a great domain name, as it has proven to be a significant factor in organic results for me in the past.
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