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I have a site that is a few months old. When I first put it up, it was virtually empty, with just the main structure and very little content.

A couple of weeks ago, I started adding new content and promoting it via backlinks, social bookmarking and blog commenting (manual).

Via webmaster tools, google says that 24 urls have been submitted via the sitemap, and 19 urls are indexed.

That said, if I do a search, nothing comes up.

I know it's not uncommon for a new site to take awhile to index, but isn't it odd that google says 19 of the site's urls have been indexed, yet it doesn't come up with a site: search?

Is this in infamous sandbox issue?

Never had this happen before so am curious as to some opinions of what is going on, and especially if I should stop promotion (backlinking) efforts until the site is listed.

Thanks in advance.

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    mmm....yeah I would have to say that something might be wrong with the Google Rules and Regs and maybe they found your site goes against their rules and so forth.

    Did you do anything spammy on the site?

    If you pm me the site i can have it indexed in under 30 minutes.....that's if your site isn't being penalized.

    Normally I found that my site would be indexed but if penalized it would dissappear from the index.
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