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Hey guys,

I've been doing CPA and Adsense for quite awhile now and it allows me to bring in a nice chunk of autopilot income while not doing a whole lot. That's money I've been able to invest in new projects and build a large online business. I'm going to share with you a method I used for approximately 6 months as I started earning in order to get near $100/day and start expanding my business.

SO What Are You Talking About?

We're going to be building niche sites with CPA and adsense on them. The difference between this and other methods is the traffic is free and by the truckload.

Read the entire post, then go implement it. Do it STEP, by STEP.

Step #1 - Watch television during peak viewing times in your area. 5-8 PM, primetime. Pay attention to commercials.

Step #2 - Wait for an advertisement that is selling/advertising something and asks you to visit their website. Save their website address.

Step #3 - Visit their site, check and see how well it looks to be optimized. View the source of their website, check for alt text in the images and meta tags with keywords. If you think you can outrank them, check for keywords in thier website source in the <meta> tags. If they have keywords, copy their keywords.

Step #4 - This is about being fast. You are essentially kind of borrowing their research in order to get a website ranking. You need to do it quickly and get it ranking soon. Your site is going to be VERY simple, but look nice aestheticly. Use wordpress or static HTML, whatever you want to do. On top of that it will have keyword dense content.

If the ad was selling a product or service, do a review site normally, if it's just about information, a regular niche site will suffice. I recommend WordPress.

Step #5 - Build a site and upload it, with a keyword rich domain and content, linking to other content, all using keywords you took from the advertiser's website. Add Adsense and CPA offers relevant to the website. Work them in and be creative.

If you saw a credit service website, find a credit report offer, or credit repair offer for a credit check advertisement. Use your imagination!

Step #6 - Get your site ranking high is our next objective. We need to get it indexed. If you're using WordPress, submit your blog's RSS feed to RSS aggregators, and maybe install an autopinging wordpress plugin that pings your WP posts. Also submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools and you should be indexed in 30 minutes or so.

Step #7 - We have an edge on our competition. We have their keywords, can see their site, and out-optimize it. So lets do it.

It's Linkwheel time. I don't care if you say "oh they are dead", no they aren't. Linkwheels still work, I use them daily, and they help me tremendously.

If you have SENuke, good for you. Easy job here. If not, they have a trial for 7 days, just cancel before the 7 days are up.

If not, linkwheels.com can get you a linkwheel built for $37. Just request they leave the linkwheel OPEN on one end. Not 100% connected, that is the key. Amazing results with this.

You might get some websites sandboxed, they'll come back. Some will rank high right away. Just pump them out, target the keywords the advertising sites are. They've paid for SEO, I'm sure of it, so we have a huge edge on them. Maybe even use the COMPANY NAME as a keyword in an article

Why Will This Work?

These companies are buying huge bursts of traffic off television to make extra money. You can capture their traffic and get some of it easily, and this method does that. These visitors convert very highly because they are naturally interested in what your site is offering and are more likely to do what you want them to do.

It's just about initially distracting them from their original cause. Be assertive, but leave them wanting. CPALead works well with this method because of their incentivized offers.

That's the method. It's up to you to put the pieces together. This works, it got me going and I hope it changes someones life like it changed mine.
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    I think someone just posted the same thing.
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    This is a great idea, I would just like to point out potential longevity issues. At least for me I try to build evergreen systems that are "set and forget" so to speak. Many of these primetime spots may only be around a bit, and by thew time you build/optimize/backlink/outrank they may be taken off the air or loose their traffic.

    One way to help alleviate that is to try and find offers with VERY little competition so you could outrank them in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or to look for more evergreen offers.

    Just some food for thought!

    -Safe Travels
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    Did they really? Oh... well this is original to me. I've used this and had Adsense sites earning $100/month and they have for over a year now.
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    Anybody have anything else to say about this method? I think I might do a case study and record it. I think a little old school white hat proof is in order
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    I would just add to a nice "thinking outside the box" idea from the OP that you can do this with radio too. I don't watch TV... haven't for months now and I don't miss it one bit, which amazes me. I used to be a TVaholic. But I do still listen to radio a lot, especially while I work here in my home office. I get a major market's stations (Dallas), so this might not apply to smaller markets, but I hear a ton of websites advertized on the radio. More than on TV, as I recall. So don't limit this idea just to TV and you will probably expand your possibilities.

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    Yeah that's an awesome idea. You can probably advertise your services if you are a service provider via radio in high population areas and get good results too.

    Keep adding to this method and ideas! Let's make this a really valuable thread.
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    Yes I think you should do a case study on it too. See what the results come up and say.

    Also you know as well that from all of these big companies advertising on tv, that they would also of invested a lot into researching.

    I like the way how you say borrow

    Steve M
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    Yeah of course, but there are always exploits in their research we can take advantage of. That's what we bank on.

    Borrowing is all it is
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      Originally Posted by DrivenForMillions View Post

      Yeah of course, but there are always exploits in their research we can take advantage of. That's what we bank on.

      Borrowing is all it is

      But what are you borrowing? They do not own the keywords, or you are borrowing the time they spent on research haha

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    The time, of course, without having to pay it back.

    It only makes sense, why waste the time when you can get it for free? It's hardly even veering off white hat I'd say.

    And it helps.
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    Do you earn residual income on your previous efforts, or do you mostly find yourself constantly building?

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    Depending on the niche, couldn't more be made out of this with CPA or high-paying adsense?
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    Great plan, thanks for sharing
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    Done for you Marketing System
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    It is the Perfect Home Business!
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    Pretty interesting idea, it's always good to sit down and check out other websites stats, to figure out what they are doing, how they are ranking for keywords, how they've been building backlinks, are they still building backlinks? is there ranking jumping? etc.
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    Thanks to all... Great Idea, I found this successufull...............
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    I am doing the same thing but I have not received $100 per day.
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    @Money - Well a lot of the EXACT methods I use for doing this are in my WSO, so I don't want to share them here, but with this method I found my websites to have a shelf life of anywhere between a month and a year. This means my income was compounding and I saw an increase exponentially, as websites started expiring, I peaked out. At this point I outsourced some work, and was able to see an increase still. It wasn't enough for me, I wanted more.

    @JustMint - At that point I started doing CPA because the profits were larger. As I outsourced there, I decided I needed a new method. I joined a couple bootcamps around here and have since discontinued this method because I found more sustainable ones. But this is how I got started. Over the last 365 days I've averaged $226/day. Not bad for a 21 year old
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    Awesome. Always nice when someone else does the research for you.
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    Right now I've got around 4 adsense sites and 10 cpa sites I keep up. The adsense sites bring me around $75/day and the CPA sites are doing the rest of it. The adsense has been stable since I started and been increasing as well, CPA comes and goes, with the offer.
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  • A lot of people come up with the same ideas. This one has been around for a while. But that's fine... it's all what you are able to do with it.

    But you can also get shut down if you violate trademarks. Companies will in fact send you cease and desist letters. I've received a few over the years when some company didn't like the way I was using their name and actually one company sent me one because I was linking to them. Crazy.
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    Yeah, they get power struggles all the time going with little guys who take a significant part of their traffic, for free, because we're smart... haha

    It's okay. Most of the time they don't have a case. If they do, well, you got it all for free.
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    how do you find their keywords? i know about the alt text but, but where can i get THEIR main traffic building keywords?
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    You can use software which allows you to enter their content and figure out the most dense terms, likely their words.

    If not see if their website has meta tags by right clicking and viewing the source of their website, and finding the meta tags section near the top of the html. You'll see them if they exist.
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    Great concept.. so are you building review type sites based around the advertisement you heard?

    What if you find a great market from an ad but find that the competition is too high to rank for. You mentioned that you can use link wheels but doesn't that take too long and you lose risk of missing the boat on traffic?

    Make sense?

    On Vacation

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    Yeah you basically can do that, or even promote amazon products similar to the product and offer alternatives to make more $$$$. Quick ways to ramp this up.

    Well if it's a TV ad expect it to have a pretty good lifespan. I'd say a month+. If you need a linkwheel, you can buy one, they're quickly set up by the companies that offer them. Don't spend more than $37 for what you want though.

    Normally they don't have a keyword rich domain registered, it's an offbrand or parent brand website. This is the key: Let's say they are marketing car insurance and it's a geico commercial.

    Let's say you have a CPA offer involving Geico. You'd want to register a domain like affordablecarinsurance.com or similar, and borrow their keywords. If you can get a domain like geicocarinsurance or something, and aren't afraid of copyright/trademark infringement you can make a killing.

    Check with their company before ever doing something like that though. Some companies will let you advertise their offers and products using their name in a domain name, if you can get a lot of traffic. It only benefits them and we all know they don't have a SEO plan written out to snag that keyword, they have bigger problems.
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    Another update on this: I started a case study two days ago. I set up a wordpress blog on a domain and am making money on it. I'm video chronicling all of it, will post up and show to all when it's done. It blows my mind nobody has tried this to success yet.
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    Case study update 1: 1 website up, ranked, in SERP's receiving ~ 60 uniques a day with a 19% CTR on ads. More than $1/day already

    Anybody do better?
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    Thanks a ton, hope you got something from it!
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