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If I set aside £70 (US$100) per month to outsource my seo where would this be best spent?

Its a chicken and egg scenario with this website as I am just working out potential revenues but need the visitors to grow those revenues...

I dont have a lot of time to devote to it but I am prepared to roll up my sleeves to some extent.

So where should it go?

outsourced link building? articles? buying quality link?

I have a feeling the answer is a mixture but would love some practical advice from others.
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    1). Write an article and have Mark Walters (markwalters@email.com) submit it for you ($20 per article)

    2). Use Angela's links ($5 per month)

    3). Participate in discussion boards and blogs in your niche (free)

    4). Find popular blogs and websites in your niche and offer to write articles for them (free)

    5). Create a short pdf or mp3 podcast and submit them to ebook and podcast directories online (free)

    Writing guest posts and submitting articles are you best bet. They are totally white hat and can help you garner strong relationships with other webmasters. Once you have a good relationship, you can ask them for links, referrals, etc.

    Also, try creating something really cool. Check out EnergyFiend.com and look at their "Death by Caffeine" app. You could literally create something like this for $50 on Elance. It will attract thousands of links if it's good enough.
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    I'd get 20 good quality articles written and use them for guest posts. It'll get you 20 extremely high quality links that will last forever.. oh and a ton of targeted traffic.

    I'm always surprised why people don't do it more often.

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    1. Scrapebox, $57- one off payment: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...e-support.html

    2. Then go buy Pat Jackson's WSO on how to best use scrapebox: $15, one off payment: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...scrapebox.html

    3. phpBB forum poster, $35- one time (I Have no idea where the link is for this one..)

    4. Go buy Daniel Tan's stuff on PR ($7, one off): http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...ill-early.html

    Use one month's budget to purchase those things-- that's $114, one off payments and those 4 things will get you a WHOLE LOT of traction. Far more than any $100 could do you by "outsourcing" to someone else.

    And, if you want an ongoing monthly thing, subscribe to Terry Kyle's linkpacket ($37/month) and then hire First Page Web Search for one-week, $75 to build those links.


    My niche is feeding my family... What's yours?
    Watch Us as We Do It Or D.IE... Are you Along For The Ride
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    I would spend the money on LIST BUILDING. If you use Adwords (or Facebook Ads now??) you can build a good size list in a few months for that money.

    There are a few good suggestions above, but IMO anything you do to get backlinks fast and churn out crappy articles should be avoided.

    No one has yet proved those things really help.
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    Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I will look into the software and the other WSO's.
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    I have really good sucess with a cocktail of:

    Web 2.0 Link Wheels,
    Article & Video Submissions
    High Profile Backlinks
    Press Releases
    "One of the Most Successful Offline WSO's Ever!
    Get More High $$$ Clients with this Small Business Marketing PLR Magazine
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    Buy scrapebox to find your own high PR links and hire an outsourcer part time (20 hours a week) to do the posting.

    Scrapebox is like $47 (one time)
    and an outsourcer is as cheap as $75 a month

    So your first month you'll go over by a few bucks, but you'll make that up in the following months.
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    A hundred bucks a month? I have no idea if back links even work anymore, in fact if you make a mistake, they could hurt your ranking. I have to agree with what the guy said earlier, build a list that makes a profit on what you spend building it. If you have a product with widespread appeal, or a list of products to sell to a targeted list, then that hundred becomes two hundred, then it becomes four. It's a matter of making a profit on what you spend, and I don't think even SEO experts know anything about SEO anymore, as most back linking techniques that used to work don't now.
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      What do you mean back-links don't work. I outsource close to 1k worth of link building each month ??
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