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I have a fairly new site, and am new to using Adsense. Its health related and has quality content. My first clicks were returning what I would think is a normal rate, the latest 3 clicks are way below what I'd think they should be.

4 clicks 1.29
3 clicks 1.45
2 clicks 3.86
1 click 0.12
1 click 0.07
1 click 0.10

Its not the number of clicks I'm concerned about, its the last few days have 10 cent clicks? I can't imagine the Adword advertiser paying anywhere near that. Looking at the Google tool, I can clearly see them paying 1.55 to 2.33 per click. The ads on my site are the same as they have always been, very focused and appropriate ads to this particular health niche.

Is Google undercutting me for some reason?
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    I have seen this before, when I tried to do some adsense. It seems like they give you less and less as time goes on. I actually think that something does happen that they cut you down sometimes. I wish I knew why.
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      It would be nice if they provided some information, like a table with percentages of the take for publisher/Google. I guess that would be too much to ask of Google. So we accept an arbitrary amount. They are probably getting 1.50 for that 10 cents given to me. If that rate does not come back up, I'll need to find another way to monetize.
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    I got 1.58 for 13 clicks ......... :S
    Contact: nazbir[@]
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      I'm fairly certain I've been smart priced. Does anyone know if smart pricing is typically permanent, or only while Google determines site quality? How does it usually go? I will need to make a decision if I stick with Adsense or go to some other ads or affiliate. 10 cents a click does not work for me, not on this site.
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