How To Build Backlinks To Articles?

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I started article marketing/bum marketing/whatever you want to call it back in the "good old days" where provided you picked a half-decent keyword phrase and wrote 300-400 words of content you could get on page 1 or 2 of Google with just an Ezinearticles article with no link backs to it.

However, my situation changed and I stopped this promotion method for a while, but have since decided to come back and try it again. Over the last couple of months I have noticed that it seems next to impossible to get onto page 1 of Google with Buzzle, EZA, or Articlesbase (has the big G delivered its hand of vengeance on article directories during my absence? )

Logically, therefore, by building links back to my articles I should be able to get them moving up the rankings, right? I've tried this with a few articles, building backlinks from Squdoo lenses, Hubpages, other article directories, blogs etc. But for some reason these links back to my articles never seem to do anything!

Am I doing something wrong? Or does Google just not like New Zealanders for some weird reason?

What strategies are you using to successfully boost your article rankings?


Sam Frost
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    Yes you are right. by getting backlinks to your article you will get articles ranked.
    I recommend creating rss links and socialbookmarking for each article.
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    Honestly the way to get your backlinks to your article are the same techniques you would use to get back links to anything.

    social bookmarking, rss links, posting in forums with your signature linked to your article, have a blog with a read more link going to your article, red gauge etc etc.

    hope that helps
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    Google seems to like blogs, so commenting on relevant do follow sites would help.
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      Well if you do so much work to backlink your article on EZA to rank you are better off to backlink it on your own website.
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    yeah, why not post a few links to your article... but focus on getting more multi-level links to your actual website (not your articles or web 2 blogs...)

    that's they way I see it

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    A good amount of backlinks should get you ranked. Obviously for more competitive niches, you need more of them

    Also, using things like Wordpress seems to be liked very highly by google, if you want to mess with the hosting fees of whichever hosting company.

    But if you just want the free method, then build backlinks like crazy, and put in a youtube video relevant to whatever you article is on. Google loves that kinda thing (since they own youtube).

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      Yes, it is correct. Article submission plays an important role for back links. But, I have some questions. Article submission may be helpful for increasing inner pages Page Rank? I have another question. I have read 1st reply, where I have found a new method, such as rss link and bookmark creation for all articles. How can I do that? Thanks in advance.
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    Not all backlinks are created equal.
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      Originally Posted by Marhelper View Post

      Not all backlinks are created equal.

      Very true. Some backlinks won't help much, but getting backlinks from sites with a higher PR or Alexa ranking helps more. Like if you could get a backlink from the government, that'd be a tremendous help... Obviously they won't do that though =P

      Maybe someone could figure out a way of getting backlinks from the government (without legality issues). Wouldn't that be nice.

      Anyway, yea most of the time though, backlinking from article submission sites won't do much individually. That's why you need ALOT of them to make a significant impact on you SE ranking.
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    You build backlinks the same way you would for your own site.

    First you article should be posted on your site and then you build backlinks to it on your site and submit your rss feeds. After then you submit your article to article directories and build backlinks and submit rss feeds...

    The majority of your backlinks should be to "your" site and not the article directory. 70% of all backlinks should be to your site, 30% should be to the article directory.

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    Anyone have good list of Article publishing network?? Please share it
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      Originally Posted by mwasif84 View Post

      Anyone have good list of Article publishing network?? Please share it
      Can always search google


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    Write the fresh content about the site(target keyword) and submit the article in the article directories and bookmarking the approved articles in the social bookmarking sites also.
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    Begin niche blogs and post backlinks to relevant articles. You can promote your own work, and that of others that you enjoy.
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