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I had another thread trying to figure out what was going on, and now I know. So the topic has changed, and thus a new thread.

How does one get out of being smart priced?

I read on a blog somewhere that Google checks frequently, maybe even weekly, to evaluate a site for pricing. Is this true? If I make changes geared at getting my content site quality up, can I expect to recover from being smarted priced into the low priced clicks?

I also read where ad placement may effect smart pricing. I have 2 ads per page, one at top above the content, the other in the side bar. I moved the one from the top of the content to after the 2nd paragraph. Might a simple change like this help?
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    Depends on your traffic sources...rumor has is that if your traffic is reporting more than 50 percent non organic then Google may start smart pricing your adsense account. From what I remember the Adsense user would block tracking on their adsense reports until the site went 50 percent organic then they would allow the clicks to count towards payment again....

    That's just something that I read somewhere but I don't know this for fact..
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      Nice tip but in my case that is not the issue. All my traffic is organic. 90 percent search engines, 10 percent links from relevant sites.
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    You were smart priced because not enough people that click on your ads are converting into sales for the advertisers. Doesn't have anything to do with where your visitors come from, that's wrong.

    Send more targeted traffic.
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