Is SEnuke really worth the money?

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i've been reading in on this package but it seems risky (due to my low budget lol=( ) but i was just wondering?
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    They have a free trial. Try it out and then just make sure you cancel before it ends. Is easy within Paypal

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    You have to know why you'd want to use it. Do you have a game plan? The trial is all good just to show you how it works but it's very unlikely you'll see results. SeNuke is a long term solution.
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      SEnuke is a tool. It won't bring you any income if you won't know what your doing.

      Primarily though, it's used to create backlinks. And a lot of them.

      What you would spend a couple hours doing, SEnuke takes about 5-10 minutes to do the same tasks.

      It saves you time to work on other things, and to get backlinks made quickly. You can do everything it does....but it does it faster.

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        Originally Posted by Burtgummer View Post

        SEnuke is a tool. It won't bring you any income if you won't know what your doing.

        Primarily though, it's used to create backlinks. And a lot of them.

        What you would spend a couple hours doing, SEnuke takes about 5-10 minutes to do the same tasks.

        It saves you time to work on other things, and to get backlinks made quickly. You can do everything it does....but it does it faster.
        Spot on, mate! It's the difference between hand tools and power tools. Neither works "better" than the other, but one certainly allows you much more productivity.

        However, if you don't know what you're doing, you can foul things up MUCH FASTER with SEnuke!

        Not for the uninitiated. Learn the manual way first. By then, hopefully you'll know WHY you want to automate and HOW to do so.

        Bill Davis
        Chief Marketing Officer, SoMoLo Marketing

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          if you have extra cash and sick of all the manual all mean just go for it man..personally i have some good result using this tool..
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    i have a gameplan and everything set up...but i was wondering if it was REALLY worth the money? or should i just stick to manually backlinking?
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      I am not familiar with SEnuke.. Is it sometype of automated software? Be weary of automated software programs that submit to directories etc. They can put you in directories that are labeled by Google as spam. So it can hurt you. That is why many programs like that are not worth the money. I have used IBP before, and that is nice. But I avoid the automated submitters.
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  • I've heard that its basically a great timesaver BUT it's not the easiest thing to use.

    My general impression was... for it to be worth it to me, Id have to know what I was going to do with it (as opposed to just toy around), know how it would help me, and the degree to which it would bring about results.

    Ultimately, I felt it was priced way out of what I'm comfortable paying. If I made a considerable amount of money and monetized my internet time heavily it may be a different story.
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    really hope your solution can be senuke alternatives.

    For me, SENUKE is great tool if you 'afford' and 'comfortable' with the monthly fee... i don't see any cheaper solution for senuke yet...

    alternatively you can bought several tools that can substitute what senuke does... i'm not full time internet marketer.. so for $127/month.. SENUKE currently not my tools.

    i prefer bought webceo, bookmarking demon, bots from incansoft... it's more pricey for the first investment, but mastering these tools could help you achieve what SENUKE does

    i did purchase SENUKE "wannabe" product... .. but it still way below SENuke features...

    i work on web consultant and creative agency in indonesia..

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    It's a tool for automating promotion of any site or product, plain and simple. The promotional methods themselves have already been proven to work. What SENuke does is do it faster and more efficiently than anything else out there. No matter what kinds of sites you are building or what you are promoting, it should greatly increase the amount of work you are able to do to put money in your pocket.
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      I tried the trial. But, just the setup was so much work, I gave up. I found the time spent setting it up was not worth it. There are other tools that are not so labor intensive out there.
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    The price it asks for monthly is ridiculous. I'd not sign up for a programme I have to pay a monthly fee for, anyway. That's for online subscriptions to stuff, if I buy a programme I pay a one time fee and that's it. No guarantee for me that it'd even work and there is a high risk your site will be penalised.
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    I really know how SEnuke works and for me it is a very useful tool as I am creating backlinks everyday. Actually you can do social bookmark, submit articles from different quality article directories, create profiles links from Angela packets, you can create link wheels in how many spokes you want, you can submit videos, RSS feeds and you can ping them. It's very useful to me but I'm just giving it a limitations in using this one to prevent sandboxed.
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    Nope. I think its not worth its price. There are many other methods that works than this.
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    The Incansoft bots work great, but they're more time consuming to use and don't offer the forum profile module that SENuke does. On the other hand, the Incansoft bots are a one off expense. SENuke is only worth the money, imo, if you have a bunch of sites to promote and a plan for how you want to do it.
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      I find Senuke is pretty good but quite pricey. I would definitely not recommend it at full price to a newbie. Not only do you risk going overboard with backlinks that will get you indexed (oh loook I can get so many backlinks !!! OUPS GOOGLE LABELLED ME AS A SPAMMER!) but you probably will not use it very effectively. If you using adsense to monetize I would wait until your websites are at least 2-3 months old and/or you at least make on average $4+/day. By then you should have a ok idea about backlinks that you can work on and your websites will have enough age so they wont get sandboxed unless you really go overboard ( I did 100 BL that all got indexed within a day for my website and had no problems on my 3 month old website).
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    It's definitely not worth the money unless you have multiple sites to promote as well as a good seo plan and knowledge.
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      Originally Posted by tribros View Post

      It's definitely not worth the money unless you have multiple sites to promote as well as a good seo plan and knowledge.
      Agree with this one. What good a link building software if you target the oversaturated keywords or the ones with poor conversion?

      Anyway, the effectiveness of such link building tools depend on your niche, keywords and on page SEO factors. Just because the program doesn't work for others, it doesn't mean it won't work for you. The best would be to take the free trial.

      Other programs that you might want to consider are Magic SUbmitter, Web 2 Mayhem and Unique Article Wizard.

      You can also do the same without monthly payment with U Bot
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    SEnuke is expensive but it really works. Maybe you can buy bunch of software (without no monthly fee) to be able to do what one piece of software, SEnuke can do.
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    I took a trial of SEnuke and I didn't think it was worth the monthly fee they were asking for it. It seems like many of the web 2.0 sites that SEnuke use have gotten wise to the software and are making it very hard for SEnuke users.
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    I don't understand all of the SENuke hate... I only use the "Lite" version but I know full well what the other components will do for my business.

    Automatic Email account
    Auto-Account verification
    Over 30 Web 2.0 account creation/submission sites
    Video Submission to ~20 video sharing sites
    Article submission
    Profile link creation (like Angela's and Paul's)
    Automatic (one-click) content spinning (needs TheBestSpinner API)
    Social Bookmarking
    Multiple Proxies to submit using diff IP addresses
    Lilnkwheel creation on-the-fly

    This is all for links right? So you're telling me... that I can:

    - automatically create an email account?
    - automatically register (auto-Decaptcha included) to Web 2.0 properties, Article directories, social bookmarking sites, and Video sharing sites at the click of a button (without filling in captchas)?
    - then automatically verify my registration (without opening my email to click links)?
    - then find a "seed article" for my niche, and have it spun to over 35% with one click of a button?
    - then blast this "spun" article with one click of a button (again.. without filling in captchas)
    - then blast my video to over 20 video sharing sites with the click of a button?
    - then create profiles for backlinks with the click of a button?
    - then have SEN spit out a report with all of these links (URLs) form all of the submissions, then send them thru SEN's Pinger with one click of a button? Wait... did I mention you can change the proxies so that the Big G will see these are coming from diff IP address, and not some spammer (which you are... but still).

    Of course I left out a few steps as far as setup, but for $127... if you get a good blueprint of how to approach your campaigns... this software is a must-have.

    All anybody needs in their IM arsenal are Market Samurai and SENuke... just my opinion anyway.

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    Well i would just say try it for a month, in every business risk is involved, there is no doubt about the fact that the concept senuke is based on is very powerful, and yes , if used properly it can deliver very good results, so why not give it a try for a month, pay the subscription fees, if you don't like it then cancel the subscription as simple as that. If $127 a month can give your more than $500 every month then what is the harm? Just my opinion. You have to INVEST to get results, either invest time and labour and do the work yourself, or invest money and let a software do your work.
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  • With all the talk about needing a good plan to use it, what is a good plan? Does SENuke give you some instructions on how to setup a good plan?
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    Not worth the money. Ridiculously overpriced. It should be like $127 one time, not $127/month.
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    Well if you have some sort of plan, I suggest that you go with SEnuke because the application does give a good result in SE Marketing.
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    Back in september when I first got it did see one of my domains gain a lot of ground on the search engines, plus I would see a lot of the web 2.0 properties ranking on the first few pages on google. That is not the case anymore. I don't know if it's my approach or if google is not giving a lot of weight to those sites anymore.

    That's my experience. Someone else might have a better situation going. I do have the lite version but that's just because there isn't anything better, or at least I haven't found anything better yet.
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    Has anybody ever used backlinks automation or heard about it?

    backlinksautomation dot com (cant post full link yet)

    If so, please share your experience and whether you would recommend it at half the price of senuke ($67)
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    I was a user of SEONuke and was not satisfied with its results, but it doesn't mean the tool is not worth it. We have varying expectations
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      Here we go again...

      Someone is complaining that his Porsche is not giving him 150 miles per hour when he is driving it on bumpy roads most of the time.

      SEnuke is just tools. It can't promise you a dime. It can only save you time.

      Here's my suggestion for SEO newbies:

      If you feel compel to buy SEnuke, STOP. Don't waste your money.

      Do all manual SEO works first until you get very good at it. You'll only appreciate SEnuke if it saves you time.

      That's the advice for newbies.

      Then again, there are guys who don't like such software and script -- the hardcore geeks like the SEO cracker I recently hired. Because they hate redundant software and script.

      So, get smart guys. Many answers can be found at open source.

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        In my opinion SeNuke is really a powerful tool in generating back links for almost all niche sites. But, I would also like to mention that on page optimization would still be an important issue for approaching top rankings purpose. Quality automated softwares are the key certainly but they aren't cheap.
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