Here's a Quick Tip 4 Writing Articles Meant 4 Marketing (Not Tempted to Click? How About a 35% CTR?)

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I just finished an article meant for marketing (absolutely not informative at all ) and I used a new trick to get people reading to the end of the article (learnt from an article writing report)

If I did my keyword research right, and the article gets published, I'm looking at at least a 30~35% CTR for that article (will keep you informed )

Anyway, here's the tip:

Structure your title of the article in this manner:

"What Yoda Would Want to Say to You If You're a Jedi Knight"

Let's break up the title and analyze it:

1. I'm targeting the gamers niche. Particular at the star wars fans. (laser targetted)

2. All star war fans want to be a Jedi ( 1% of them would want to be a sith, but let's talk about 99% of them)

3. Yoda talking to you (Jedi Knight) is considered an honour, just like Warren Buffet talking to an ordinary stock broker.

4. These hardcore star war fans will be curious by what Yoda might say to them AND they'll be tempted to click on your article because they now can picture themselves as a jedi knight (due to your title)

5. Might have more analysis but I'll leave it to the other professionals and go to my second part.


Content, Content, Content. If you're in the gaming niche, or more specifically the star wars niche, you could write a short story featuring the reader as the hero within the short story (hardcore fans love this )

Story goes on.... Before you enter the resource box, write a prelude to the reader in a scene with Yoda.


Resource Box:

Yoda came over to you and whispered: "(add in the AHREF+URL here)May the force be with you my young palawan (Or whatever your keyword is)" And then instead of continuing the story, put a "Click Here" to continue your exciting personal story as a jedi knight combining forces with Obi Wan Kenobi to conclude your final battle with Darth Vader (Or something exciting)


Why will this format get accepted:

1. Usually those peeps over at EZA will put an excuse stating that your article did not answer your title, but in this case, my article DID answer them, within the resource box

2. Hey! Its a story, and those editors could do with an interesting story plot rather than those endless lines of overloaded information

3. Psychologically, people will read to the end, and will usually end up clicking on your links.


I used the gaming niche, laser-targeted at Star War Fans, as an example for this tip. This is purely an example. I did not use this tip for the article I finished creating just now so you can go ahead and use the example if you like

I hope this quick little tip helps increase your article conversion rates!

Sincerely Yours,
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    omg thank you so so so much! great idea! gonna do it now buahahaha

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      Quick quick! You're still the first reader to spot this article tip! Now you can copy word for word

      To your article marketing success


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    That tip isn't too general.
    That is a good title, but that's just an exapmle for a good title.
    That's not a tip.
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      The tip's about the article format dear friend

      Nevertheless, thanks for pointing that out. I'll structure my opening in such a way that you will be able to interpret the tip more like a real tip


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        Why is my thread over here? Its not about Adsense, its not about PPC, its not even not SEO :confused:

        Can my threads be shifted by any war room members?


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