how often does google update PR?

by ohcn
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when will be the next time it will update PR?
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    Originally Posted by ohcn View Post

    when will be the next time it will update PR?
    Real Pagerank is continuously updated in the background. Next Google toolbar pagerank update is expected at April 1, 2010.


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    I'm curious to see what a few of mine will be. From Dec 24 to Feb 24 two of mine went from a PR 1 to a 2. One I am very active with (just started it July 13, 2009), the other I'm not. HOW does Google "promote" to a higher pagerank?

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    I would be surprised if anyone could predict the date with any regularity. I'm led to believe it's around 2-3 months on average but can be as long as 8 months

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    not quick enough! either that or I really dont have enough backlinks
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    PAGE RANK usually updates every three months but the Real PR is updated all the time.
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    I believe it is every 3 months that they update the PR status.
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    Originally Posted by ohcn View Post

    when will be the next time it will update PR?
    PR is updated weekly.

    However, the PR ratings you see in any webmaster tools are not fresh.

    Google only shows you PR from about 2-3 months ago.

    - John
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    It can be one month, or two months, or more. Google hasn't been very regular with PR updates these days.
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    I feel PR value will change in every 3-4 months time which general public can see and like others are saying Real PR is updated all the time.
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    Google will update pr for every 3 months as at last they did it in dec and now it will be on 28mar-2apr....
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    Did any of you hear what John (XFactor) said?

    la-la-la, fingers in my ears.. that goes against what we've always heard!


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    Google updates the sites links and its PR very commonly. For some sites it may update on a hourly basis...for some sites on weekly basis. So the updation is known only to GOOGLE.
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    Can someone explain to me why we should care if and when Google does this? I just don't understand the preoccupation with this. It doesn't really matter to any surfer what your PR is. And is sure as hell doesn't matter to a site owner. The only thing that matters to a site owner is where they fall in the SERP, and if your title and description is attractive enough to get folks to click on it.

    What the hell else matters? Can someone please explain this to me, please. I have seen these threads more often than I wish to count, and I can't understand the preoccupation with them.

    Tim Pears

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    Google update PR every 3 months.
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    I just googled "How often does google update PR" and found this page. Now there seems to be some arguments, so I hope to clarify things by asking a better question than the OP, without starting a new thread.

    How often does Google check each page, and it's backlinks, in order to determine the rankings a site will have on the SERP's? Does this change every day as the google spiders are crawling, or does it update on a nightly, weekly, bi-weekly basis?

    I ask the question this way because as of 10/15/10 I had 12 backlinks with PR 3-6 (no PR 3 or lower). When I checked the next morning, my website was #73 on the google top 100 for my quoted keyphrase. In the last 4 days, my 12 backlinks have gone up to 40 (PR 2-6, mostly 3's) but has not changed position in the top 100 for quoted phrase. This makes me wonder if the update is on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

    Any thoughts?

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    Google pr updates between 15 days to 3 months. Recently PR updates and one of my site gain PR in this update.
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