Quickly add friends on Bebo, Twitter and Facebook using a script

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So I have set myself up with some social networking profiles. Bebo, Facebook etc.

All to allow me to promote my new site. But of course now I need friends. And lots of them.

I've gone in and started to add friends manually but that takes far too long. So I searched and found plenty of paid apps that add friends automatically. I presume they just use a greasemonkey script or something similar.

The problem is I dont like to splash out on one of these. Well at least not if there is a free version. Or unless I know that the programme will work.

So, in a long rambling way, what I wanted to discuss are:

1. Is adding lots of Bebo, Facebook and twitter friends still worthwhile?
2. Are there any shortcuts to getting lots of friends on these sites?
3. Does anyone have any top tips on promoting a site on Bebo?

Thanks warriors.
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    i want to do addforums in bebo.com...how can i do plz explain that.
    thanks you.
    have a nice day
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    There is no quick free method with this but they can be done slowly and surely if you use a monthly subscription service rather than a paid for app in one go. Try sickmarketing - they have a free trial.
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      Using scripts like that is a sure way of getting your accounts
      suspended. Especially if you do them en masse and quickly.
      And you can only follow 2,000 people until you yourself are
      followed by a number close to that.

      These auto scripts are a poison.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        I want to be upfront with a full disclosure:

        I have and use auto follow/friend request software that I don't pay a
        subscription for. Most of it, I made myself w/ simple macros. Others,
        were created using advanced automation software that I purchased.

        I have also never used these tools to SPAM anyone. The way I see it,
        it's enough of a challenge to make it online so why go causing yourself
        more headache, work and disappointment by trying Blackhat tactics that
        trash your reputation?

        With that out of the way, here are my thoughts on the subject.

        If you want to see the true power and speed of these social networks go
        right ahead and auto build a huge list and SPAM them with offers w/o
        contributing anything useful. I assure you, you will be amazed at how
        fast you get a response!

        Paul is 100% correct.

        Originally Posted by paulgl View Post

        Using scripts like that is a sure way of getting
        your accounts suspended. Especially if you do them en masse and quickly.
        And you can only follow 2,000 people until you yourself are followed by
        a number close to that.

        These auto scripts are a poison.


        I couldn't agree with you more that people who abuse and missuse auto
        follow/friend subscriber scripts give them a bad name. If your only
        doing this to blast out a quick "Hey check this link out I made $16K
        over night with no work" message, then you and I are on the same page.

        However, if a marketer's intention is to contribute to the community
        ie.. twitter/fb/linked in ect with good useful content and occasionally
        promote their products then I personally don't have any trouble with it.

        At that point I consider it like listening to the radio. You tune in to
        a station you like and get to hear what your interested in for a while,
        then they run some commercials. Then they play more music you like. All
        the while if you the listener gets bored or doesn't like what's on you
        can change the channel or "un-follow" "de-friend" that person.

        Case in point. My wife has strong political views. She spends a lot of
        time on FB and passes along info she feels is on interest AFTER she
        checks the facts with multiple sources. She is a public school teacher
        and can not afford to be as reckless as the mainstream media tends to

        On rare occasion, someone on her ever growing friends list starts to
        bash her views and stir up trouble. Oddly enough, the people on her
        friends list defend her and remind the "bad apple" that they can block
        her post or un-friend her anytime. This puts out the fire 99.9% of the
        time or they remove her as a friend and we get on w/ our lives.

        Another good example of this is Aweber auto responder service. You have
        to opt-in to be on a list. (Accept a Friend Request/Follow). If you find
        yourself not liking the content, you my use the unsubscribe link found
        in every email sent from their system to give people a way to turn
        off/tune out what they don't want.

        My much point is: If you target your followers/friends based on their
        common interest, and you join and contribute to their discussions you
        will develop a loyal fan base that will police its self. Try to keep a
        ratio of 5-7 quality post to 1 marketing post I don't think your
        "target" market will mind.

        Supposing you're one of the people who tweet about taking your dog out
        to pee, or take pictures of random stuff on your way to work and mobile
        upload them while still driving, then you should easily have 5-7 post
        every few hours! Not sure the Quality factor is there, but the Quanity
        sure will be!

        Or, you can use simple automation to schedule your preset post at
        different times. Then load in a "targeted marketing" post to follow your
        preset ones.

        If you are like a lot of IM'ers, you have several things to promote. I
        would strongly suggest finding a niche group that's active and creating
        a separate account for each one. Then start targeting your marketing
        post as well as your contribution post to that niche.

        Just like creating separate list in Aweber for each niche you market to.
        With a little planning, and actually taking action, this can all be
        setup very quickly.

        If you follow this approach then I can't see why automating the process
        of building a following, and a list is a bad thing. Where would Internet
        Marketing be today with out email auto responders and companies like

        Personally, I use the drip approach as opposed to shout from the roof
        tops. By drip, I mean contribute to the discussion at hand, and casually
        mention you have a skill/product/affiliate product/service that my help
        solve or enhance their widget, lives, hobby or business. Whatever they
        are interested in.

        By using this approach, you hopefully add value to everyone and if the
        members or followers are truly interested in learning more about what
        you have to offer, they will ask you.

        Consider this:

        Would you expect a new teenager with no driving experience to get into
        trouble with a sports car?

        Would you expect an inexperienced IM'er excited about making money on
        autopilot and no idea how to use it correctly to get into trouble with
        automation software?

        Bottom line is automation can be a tool for good or bad. Just depends on
        how you utilize it.

        Actually, I used a quick macro to auto edit this
        post. It did in a fraction of a second what would have taken me 5
        minutes to do.


        -- Jonathan

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          I have 5 twitter accounts. I used a 3rd part script to
          autofollow/unfollow etc. Twitter suspended them all.
          Luckily I got them back. twitter has come down hard
          on these things. While there may be "useful" ones that
          are condoned by twitter, you seriously need to watch what
          you are doing. Your twitter account is at stake. I have
          15,000+ followers.

          I think 99% of the autofollow, auto unfollow are against
          the TOS of twitter.

          My accounts each get 50+ followers daily without me doing a
          thing. I don't find them, they find me. I manually follow and


          If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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            That is awesome that you A: have 15K + followers and B: you naturally attract 50+ new ones a day!

            You have to be doing something right to get those results!

            From your sig line, I'm guessing you are in education field or niche?

            -- Jonathan

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              I'm all over the map! I use squidoo as a funnel.
              I believe in my own version of a link wheel:

              I've got medical, college, teaching, political, and military.

              Keep in mind those 15,000+ are spread over 5 twitters.
              (Actually 16,000+ after recount)

              Once you get 2,000+ followers, you will attract at
              least 5 to 10 a day. Sounds like a small number, but
              you are not surfing around trying to find them.
              10 per day is 300 a month. In a year, 3,000+
              But it's viral. Once you hit each 1,000 increment, your
              followers increase accordingly.

              Before you hit 1,000 followers, you do need to do some leg

              Since my twitters were unsuspended, I have been gun shy.
              I am not sure about the auto follower. I do believe that a script
              that finds people and follows them automatically is against TOS.

              I am certain that an auto-unfollower IS against TOS. And you are
              playing with fire when you do that. But then, there are a lot of junk
              twitter accounts who don't care.

              But then, what one does with their own script with their own twitter
              is entirely up to them! Twitter does detect "funny" things with
              people's twitter accounts.

              Let me switch to facebook for a second. I tried the same thing on
              facebook. Tried to add that to my link wheel. But I tried to log in yesterday,
              and got a nasty "account suspended" notice. They claim you cannot
              use facebook to promote your business. WHAT????

              Luckily, I was not relying on it.


              If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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                Thanks for the look behind the curtain at how you are making it happen!

                I haven't read the TOS at twitter and suppose I never will unless I get on of those frozen accounts! LOL

                However, I can't see why doing a mass un-follow would violate the TOS?

                I mean what if you had a change of direction in your business and you had a kick ass twitter user name like YOUR actuall real name and you wanted to wipe the slate clean and start fresh?

                IDK, if it's true, then someone must have figured out a way to screw it up for everyone else. Hey, they don't print warning labels on boxes of Hemorrhoid cream like Warning: DO NOT TAKE ORALLY. just because the legal department was bored!

                As for Facebook. I sure get an awful lot of business related status updates and twice a many in my inbox. If that is their policy they sure do need to utilize some automation and let people know and stop the violators.

                -- Jonathan

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    I'm very careful not to use any scripts that might seem dodgy to Twitter or Facebook, but the mass unfollow script (JustUnfollow - Unfollow Twitter users who do not follow you!) is fantastic. It lets you quickly unfollow any Twitter followers not following you, which allows you to add new ones once you reach the 2000 following limit.
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