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My client is a live music promotor who promotes a number of different bands performing different shows about 4 times a year.

I'm not very tech with websites and don't know what kind of site it is (ie what it's built with), and haven't spoken to their web designer yet.

Anyway, they have a section of the site for all the shows they do, or what's coming up. Each show has it's own identity (ie different "products" - not same band touring, but different bands).

Currently this is all on one page - blog style - that scrolls down and you can see one show listed after another, with all the pics and copy associated with each one.

My feeling, based on my basic seo knowledge, is that they should have separate pages for each "product", so each page can be optimized for those KWs, and then linked to each other through the site itself.

Is this correct, or should they leave it as is, or even do something completely different? I need to advise their web designer as I'm doing marketing for them.

Would love some input from you guys, as I have a feeling they could be doing it a lot better.
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    I would treat each band as a separate site....better for SEO
    Better for the visitors.....

    Help for new marketers

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      Thanks for the replies so far guys, really appreciate it.

      I thought that separate pages were the way to go, and they're also better user experience as you suggest.

      You're right about video marketing - I have a big video campaign in the offing right now (it helps I have a video production business that covers all their gigs and publicity!)

      It's an interesting niche to do off/online marketing for - unique in some areas, but as promotors (ie marketers) themselves, they have a good grasp of a lot of traditional concepts and strategies, just no knowledge of how to go big in the online world.
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    Please don't take this wrong.. I am seriously trying to help you...

    You said my "basic SEO knowledge"... it begs the question: why on earth are you potentially setting yourself up for a loss of a client on the video production end, by handling their SEO? You didn't say if they were paying you for SEO... but... if they are, that's a double whammy loss.

    Don't do that to yourself and your business. Leave it to an SEO pro. I wouldn't go grab a camcorder and ask you the best angle for a video shot for my client; don't take SEO into your own hands... because that's a bell that is VERY difficult to un-ring.


    My niche is feeding my family... What's yours?
    Watch Us as We Do It Or D.IE... Are you Along For The Ride
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      Hey Brandi,

      Thanks for the advice, and you're quite right of course.

      I'm taking on consulting to them in marketing in general, with a strong leaning in IM of course. It's more about consulting and recommending things so.....I look at everything they're doing, and try to improve on it to massively increase their subscriber base, and ultimately sales.

      What I can do well myself (quite a lot), I do, but other things I use other contractors for. In this case i want to confidently point out some basic SEO stuff as part of a package of benefits and services that i provide. Once we get down to it I would in this case, get help to do the actual job of it properly.

      Most stuff I can handle, but things like proper SEO work and web design, I get others in for. May be an opportunity for someone on here to help actually.


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