Is flash Header is seo friendly or not ?

by skatir
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I know that flash website can cause problem in seo as the search engine get block by them.

I think this issue is more concern to full flash website.

is it the same for flash header ?
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    Yeah you are correct , a site that is entirely in Flash is basically invisible to Google.

    However, working on a site that just has a Flash header should be no problem at all. I have worked on SEO for sites like that in the past and have no problem.

    Hope that helps!
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    As long as there's sufficient textual content on the page as well, a flash header wouldn't be a problem. However, if you have information in the flash presentation you'll want to repeat it in text if you want search engines to pick up on it.
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      The first thing you need to ask yourself is,
      why a flash header? For looks? A lot of people have
      it turned off for various reasons.

      If the flash header is just for looks and spruces up the
      site, no problem. It cannot replace text, however. An
      image with alt text is much better for seo purposes.

      If you use the flash, as stated, you need to make up for
      any lost text/content that was mentioned in the flash.

      In a similar vein, an image header with alt is not a good
      replacement for text either.

      I have learned that flashy header graphics is a trap for
      newbies. Better to use smaller graphics and lots of text.

      Too many people want to make websites with all the bells
      and whistles, but not much for SEO. They are gong for looks.
      Looks is not SEO.

      Reminds me of what people did in the 1990's. Animated gifs,
      reflection scripts, counters, the blink tag, etc. Seems google
      changed all that. Even though connections are faster and computers
      better, people have downsized the nonsense a lot. On the front
      page, text with easy graphics (or none) is now very common.

      I myself would skip the flash.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    If the webiste fully made via flash then this will njot be SEO friendly

    If you main header is made via flash and the rest part is based on text then there will be no issue.

    If your front page is made completely via flash but have the freedom of putting title and meta description then you can made this site seo friendly by link building for a particular keyword in your title.
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    Thank you guys for all your valuable tips and information.
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    There won't be any problem with having a flash header if you have a well written text in the body. but ensure that it won't slow down the loading page of your website.
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    Google can't see flash, so it should be there for looks only.
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