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I am setting up a review site and it has a review about fatlossforidiots now fatlossforidiots incorporate adwords tracking by allowing addition of adwords tracking number to there link.

the formate advised by there site : g=YourGoogleID&page=8745

I presume that the link above should be placed in adwords system in the adds destination URL for tracking to be successful!?

However since I am sending visitors to my review site so In my adds in adwords I have my site URL in there.
Than visitor will go to review page and that is where I have the link Fat Loss 4 Idiots / Weight Loss and Diet Center

My question I request your help with, is about How to set up the above so tracking will work.

I am thinking on the line that adding an extension to my site URL in adwords might be needed so it will transfer the data to clickbank link on my review page, is that the way?
And farther if i want to pass the data to more than one page deep is that also possible ?! How ? What code to use ?!

I really have no programing knowledge at all and would appreciate your help

Thank you
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