Damnit! Would you stop abusing profile making software?

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First thing first, before I spit fire here.

I'm not saying that creating back link in forum profile is bad. It does help to boost search ranking.

But I'm noticing more and more forums tightening up this loophole. Some forum owners even do something really stupid, for example timing the registration process. If an user complete a registration too fast, the forum will ban this user. That means genuine people who can type fast have to be real careful. This is just one of the silly things I just noticed.

So, for goodness sake, if you're using software, please do not run back link campaign too many times over a day. This is spamming.

First, you get yourself banned from many forums. Second, genuine forum users will get false positive ban. Third, people who do manual back link work will also get false positive ban.
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    I've been a champion against this nonsense for a long time.
    Nobody listens. All they say is, why can't I? What's the harm?
    The harm is, it's spam.

    And it really is not what forums are for. They are for building
    relationships and getting information.

    Forums are purged from time to time anyway.

    There is a good chance your profile will never be seen nor indexed.

    People are going to ruin forum posting. Then and only then will
    they be satisfied.

    Most forum profiles don't mean squat, as most forums don't mean squat.

    Eventually this massive, auto profile thing will die a horrible death and
    take these idiots with them.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Originally Posted by paulgl View Post

      Eventually this massive, auto profile thing will die a horrible death and
      take these idiots with them.
      As everything will, except one will take action/make use of it/make money/etc , and the others won't...
      Anything that works today might not work tomorrow.

      I'm not against profile links here and there but with all these "packets", profile thing will die sooner rather than later..

      Go and find a forum for yourself, don't register where hundreds more are registering, most likely you'll be caught.
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