FTP Client - I just got scammed

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I used GoFTP for a ftp client - and they ended up leaving two links on the bottom of my client's page. What's the deal? Anybody know of this ftp client? I thought this was an ok ftp client to use - I guess not...
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    Sorry to hear about that.

    Try FileZilla - it's free and made by the Mozilla people and doesn't do that.

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      FileZilla is the best ftp client in my opinion.
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      'struth.. wish people would look up the definition of "scam" before tossing it about in wrong context... GOFTP isn't a scam at all.. you just didn't bother to read the TOS.

      On the front page of the site
      "So... How Free is Free?
      ...what's the catch?

      The free version is fully functional and there are NO nag screens. The free version is free to all individuals, companies, and corporations with 50 employees or less. Please read our license agreement for more details."

      And then in their agreement/TOS
      "# GoFTP provides a free version of its software. You will never be asked to pay any money to use this program. It will remain free for as long as you use it. In such circumstances, you agree to allow GoFTP to include footer links to this website and/or its sponsors. GoFTP reserves the right to change this policy at any time."

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        Another vote for FileZilla here!
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    Filezilla, or if you want something cheap and robust CuteFTP lite.
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    I used CuteFTP for a while on a free trial and I thought it was great. I found it easy to use as a complete beginner.
    When the free trial ended I started using Filezilla which is also good but for me at least not quite as easy as Cuteftp.
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      Winscp on Windows
      Fetch on Mac

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    yes have been using file zilla for some time now i think they are ok

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