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I started a new site about 3 months ago and I have been doing a lot of linking to this site and I am noticing my rankings steadily improve.

I recently added this site to my google webmaster tools and the results there have me completely scratching my head (and also full of hope).

There is one term that I am trying to rank for and it is sitting at about position 177 in the SERPS but according to the webmaster tools it is at position 16.

Does this mean that it will be ranking at 16 shortly or is this tool completel inaccurate. I would appreciate any feedback or similar experience that anyone else has had.


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    I have noticed the same effect from time to time, I have always assumed that the ranking shown in Webmaster tools reflects the ranking of other search engines also.

    One of my blogs has me at #221 for a keyword in Google, but #1 for the same keyword in Yahoo. My google webmaster tools shows me as position 1 for that keyword, which could mean that it is reflecting the Yahoo ranking.

    Another possible explanation is that webmaster tools might be showing us the highest ranking on google's system, but that ranking might not show up from the data center that you normally search from. So that might mean my site is #1 on Google Tumbuktu, but #221 on Google USA.
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    Also check that your filter setting - usually its set to "all searches" - which includes images. You may find that image searches sometimes get high rankings.
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