Straight HTML adsense vs WP adsense - which is better?

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I'm getting a bit confused in my online reseach about adsense. One group of marketers claim that WP is super easy to setup (it is), SEO is super easy (plugins make it easy), and adding adsense is easy (with the right plugin or theme).

On the other hand, a lot of other marketers are taking a disliking to WP, saying that compared to their WP adsense sites, their HTML adsense sites rank super quickly while WP seems to be out of favour with google.

...and another group of marketers claim that they prefer certain squidoo-like sites that share adsense revenue!

Ignoring the squidoo type sites, I'd really appreciate the Warrior's opinions on HTML vs WP for adsense - in your opinion, which is better?

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    I create my own websites, so I can make them valid (X)HTML and place the ads, the menu, and everything else exactly where I want them to be.
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      What matters the most are links pointing to your website, everything else is secondary for ranking purposes. The more important secondary parts are having keyword relevant content, a web design that can be easily read by Googlebot and having a keyword oriented domain name although these aren't absolutely essential.

      For Adsense, you want decent, buying keyword relevant, content that targets buying terms for a particular niche that payout the best.

      Neither of these are dependent upon what you use to create the site.
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        My guess is that, if all else is equal such as site maps, proper tags and meta, static html is the same as Wordpress for SEO. No one really knows except Google, as they can easily determine by parsing the html if it is Wordpress or not. If they weight it differently is up to debate.

        Therefore, it seems to be best to make a decision based on how you like to manage the site, how you want it to look, how many pages, features and so on.

        I personally like Wordpress as CMS. My latest site will grow to 100 pages or more, easy. It looks completely static and the average person would not know that its Wordpress. Link structure is embedded within post/pages, but I get to take advantage of plugins and widgets. The site actually started as static html that I did with includes, but converted to Wordpress. I just prefer using it, but it has nothing to do with SEO.
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    Thanks to those that replied. Ron.the.bull you say you prefer WP, but have any of your sites ranked on page 1 of google?

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