Google Chrome is limiting your SEO work?!!

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I am currently working as an seo-expert as my part-time.
A question arised today as I was trying out Google Chrome, a nice browser in every way besides one aspect; it is administered by Google.

See, the main idea for my work here is to make connections and link exchanges around the globe to raise PR on our own selected sites. The main idea being neutrality towards the spiders as we don't want to get associated to the end-site in matter when making active back-linking from external sources.

And here's the issue at hand: Google is for sure mapping your browsers tracks while you're browsing the web, with your IP as reference to your actions. Is there any experience amongst us, warrior members and particularly the seo-oriented users, that have encountered losses in seo ranks associated to the fact that you are using Google Chrome for your SEO work?

Please report back as I'm growing a somewhat conspirational side of myself that I'm not very fond of


This is the site I'm trying to push, www(dot)onecybertech(dot)com - It's a Game Developers site. If you're in a gentle mode today, give it a click and I will appreciate your help for pushing my SEO ranks

Take care, and hope to get answer on this!
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    I don't use chrome for the reasons described.

    I am wondering as an extension, what happens if you are using google to search for backlink purposes for example.

    Given the frequency of visit to your site, incorporating google use in there, searching for backlinks using queries like 'dofollow forums keyword', only to find a link back to your site from search results, does it leave foot prints which they take into account with SERPs?
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      Google really doesn't have time to be tracking all of everyones moves...come on. I use chrome for absolutely everything. There's even an SEO extension for chrome which is decent.

      I've got plenty of good rankings. It might record some information for adsense because sometimes I see ads that aren't related to a website I'm on, but ads that I would be generally interested in. I think its all about helping them target their ads more specifically towards the consumer and not just the website. I could be wrong. Sometimes on chrome I see completely unrelated ads on websites...but ads that should have been on a website I was just at.

      Weird, maybe its just me.
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    Thats a Myth.

    Google has said it often times that they don't track what you do. Yes sure they keep the history of your Google search terms but they in no way go as far as to block your site from SERPS just because you searched for illegal terms.
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    i am already paranoid enough and always "scared" interlinking and connecting sites via analytics, webmaster tools etc. I know that Google cookies are on my FireFox and Explorer, and i do NOT think that Google always works towards my BENEFIT

    So..reading this about chrome makes me even more suspicious

    (I had my share with various Google penalties already, i think google doesnt like SEOs and IMers a lot.)
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    I don't use Google chrome just for one reason and that is, it is not compatible with roboform.
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