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Hello guys,

I have an adsense account since around 2004-2005 that is associated with a non-IM business that I have. Basically we have a brick and mortar store plus webstore and that is where I place my adsense ad which has been earning me a couple of dollars/day. Anyways, I'm planning to sell the business but I want to keep my aged Adsense account. Any suggestions on how to transfer the account to my name/ or another business. Or just for me to apply for another account and start fresh? Frankly, I want to keep the old account if I can...
BTW, I also started in the IM biz and have a portfolio of websites that has adsense income using the said account.

Thanks for the suggestions...
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    just go to "my account" tab and change the payee information.


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    Im not sure your allowed to give the account away. I say keep it and tell the new owner they have to open their own account.
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    There is no need for you to register a new adsense account, nor transfer your exisiting account, purely because your adsnese account has been used on the website your selling, it doesn't mean you also have to transfer the adsense account, explain to the buyer, that they will need to register their own adsense account.

    This shouldn't be a problem for more people, depending on who you sell the website to, many people already have a adsense account, if they don't, it's not hard to get one with a half-decent website.
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      @ BBNCU, Hey Alex is rite you dont have to give your Pub- Id to them neither give your adsense login details. Still, if you want to shift it to another Id then contact google support team and ask them to change it for you in your new account.
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    Once you sell your business, what happens when Adsense send you a check in the business name? How will you encash it? Will you still hold a bank account in that business name?
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      Thanks guys for the advice. I'll keep it and just change payee information when the business sells.

      Next 6 - I will need to change the payee name whenever I start listing it for sale so that my next check, hopefully will be on my name already.

      Well, frankly, I want to sell the physical store but not the website. We only get about 15% sales on the net but it is my fault because I haven't updated it and hasn't put in any SEO efforts on it but it is a 2 word domain which can sell as much as the store itself. I'm still thinking and I'm going to meet with our accountant to see what the numbers are...the problem with the store? I got too lax and let my manager running it for me..I guess the opposite of micromanaging...not good also. Then we have problems with staffing, customers etc.. real headache.. As a matter of fact, while I was writing my first post, I was at the store, running malwarebytes because one of my employee downloaded a virus..McAfee found it but unable to delete it...
      anyways, rant off ...thanks again for listening...

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