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Hi Everyone

I am looking to hire a full time SEO/Content Virtual assistant, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

Many Thanks
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    Hi there,

    You may find at warrior for hire section,,,

    However, before hiring them officially, make sure to give them a test by letting them write a sample.

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  • Yes i would definitely check out the "FOR HIRE" section of the forum. If you need optimization help, Backlinks, articles, Just about everything you will find there. Also be sure and test them, as alot of People say they can do SEO, and they will claim to write you amazing content, but a lot of them cant actually deliver. So just be patient and the right guy will come. Have a Great Day!
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    Does anyone know of any reliable virtual assistant agencies that help manage/select the virtual assistants.

    Many Thanks
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    Hey Shevd, there are plenty of companies that manage VA's for you but they usually end up charging you 3-4 times what your VA is actually paid. As an example a VA through an agency can cost 6-7 hundred dollars, a va on their own that you hire directly would cost around 250 a month. If you're just starting out I'd suggest making an initial investment of a month on a good VA you find on your own so you can train them exactly the way you want.

    In Times Of Change, Learners Inherit The Earth

    Liam McIvor Martin

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    Hi Shevd,

    We can definitely help you out. We have experienced staff who is available for deployment. Please check your PM for more information.
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    Make sure to interview the heck out of people - VAs can be great when they're great and a waste of time when they're not.
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    Hey Shev

    Agents of value will manage the VA for you - they've got a good reputation, but I think their prices start from $600, I'm pretty sure the VAs get less than half of that.

    Still think your best bet is to recruit the VA yourself.

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    Try with Getafreelancer and Odesk.
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      you might want to look into Mechanical Turk as well
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    Hi! There's a section here in Warrior where you can hire writers. Just make sure that you will conduct a test before you hire....For example, don't let him/her write something about the product or something that you are handling first...

    Give him/her topics that totally different from your field..In this way, you can see how creative he/she is...
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    I have a better recommendation for you. If you are seriously looking for any type of business help try geekfreelancers or Odesk etc in everyway. However, Seo help these days have automated content writing and have been trying to save time as the projects pile up everyday, whatever they write easily pass copyscape and hardly get approved by ezinearticles, articledashboard, goarticles, sooperarticles and ezinemark etc. This way you would not get any genuine traffic.
    On the other hand, if you should try geekszine you will find plenty of useful business development tips to boost your business on your own.

    Best Regards
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