Need some advice fellow marketers. MS or MNF?

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I've narrowed my search down to two keyword research tools. The Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder. I'm not sure which one to go for since they both look good to me. I like the different options that market samurai gives you especially when it comes to SEO. Micro Niche is able to locate nice niches in just a few clicks and the one I really like is the keyword research aspect where it lets you know whether a particular keyword is worth using by giving you a green, yellow or red signal.

I'm torn guys. Does anyone have any experience with using either one of these softwares? I'm leaning towards Market Samurai but I'm waiting for some opinions.

What do you guys think? MS or MNF?
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    Im interested to see some responses to this. I am looking to grab a new tool myself. So hopefully this will bump the post a bit to get a few answers.

    Jeff Mitchell

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    I really like Market Samurai over Micro Niche Finder.

    WHY? Well because Market Samurai does so much more than just Keyword research.

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    Hi there I'd go for market samurai. I think its more reliable for keyword research.

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    Market samurai i can whip up the good niches with a bit of keyword investigations and then just blog in market upload the subject then have a fresh site full of content and ideas to hosting. The best tool around

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    If I had to choose one (and I use both) it would be MS over MNF simply because MS can do more than just find good keywords to use.

    If you have extra cash then get both because they both complement each other well.

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    Market Samurai works for me greatly around keyword research and indeed, it's SEO Competition module and everything that revolves on search engine optimization.

    Apart from these I also use Google adwords keyword tool
    While yes, for free, I use Google Keyword Tool as well. It has its new version now but still in beta. I would recommend you try that as it's got more easy to navigate buttons.

    See it here:

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    Glad I saw this thread. I haven't heard of either one of these research tools before. I've use SpyFu for the last year and my membership is up.

    So far, Market Samurai seems to be the winner, at least for now.

    Not trying to sidetrack the original question, but, has anyone used
    Market Samurai .vs Spy Fu or am I trying to compare apples to oranges?

    -- Jonathan

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    Market Samurai all the way!

    I've used both of them and Market Samurai wins the game by far! It does a LOT more than MNF. I think the trial version of Market Samurai does the same as Domain Samurai does... I might be wrong though.

    Besides all that, MS runs on a mac and that's the biggest benefit for me!!
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    Are there any more opinions out there on these two tools?
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    I've been doing the same research for quite some time and here's my finding.
    I think for doing Keyword research and creating micro niche website - MNF is your tool. It will help you identify keyword phrases for micro niche website extremely fast and effectively.
    But MS offers much more than just Niche Finding - viz: Rank Tracker, SEO competition and much more.

    Bottom line - Identify Niche and couple of keyword phrases using MNF. Dig deeper and Analyze more to get accurate results using those keyword phrases in MNF.

    Offering my 2 cents to the IM Community

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