Facebook Optimization the New SEO?

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Just saw this article on CNN -

Google's nightmare: Facebook 'Like' replaces links - CNN.com

Thoughts? Could be interesting for the early adopters...
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    nightmare today adaptation tomorrow, this is what the internet is all about adapt or die.

    Something new soon.

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    To be honest, I figured Facebook would eventually take over the search engine market. I'm sure this will lead to a more accurate real-time search and many opportunities for much more highly targeted (valuable) marketing.

    Think about the amount of people who use facebook....if they offered you a much more accurate search interface ... wouldn't you use it???

    People are becoming more and more comfortable with facebook and they keep up a very clean appearance similar to google.

    I am personally already prepping and optimizing my local client's websites for facebook.

    1 thing I have learned about the SEO/Internet Marketing industry is this...it evolves daily and only those wiling to evolve w/ it survive.
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      Personally, i cant wait for Facebook to take over some of Googles power. its time they had some serious competition, i mean Bing isnt serious competition. I think Google have openly said they fear what Facebook may be capable of.

      Google create lots of useful tools, but they have toom uch power, and in the end only they really profit

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        seems natural to me to have others that get very big in social media to expand horizontally with their services. I think the issue is what the public do. I think they will always see facebook as a social media tool, (business aside for the moment), a way to catch up with friends and post updates for broader view. I'm sure that information is useful from a marketing/demographic point of view, but to serve up specific results such that google offers, I dunno, IMHO I think the two biz models differ
        in that the article is pointing to a reference whereby google may become more focused on extreme relevancy searching and facebook searching becomes more valuable than alexa/compete in terms of demographic profiling. I'll be watching this to see how to continue to help clients do more business on the Internet, though.
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    Do people go to Facebook when trying to find a local service?

    Do people go to Facebook to find a product they want to buy?

    Do people go to Facebook to chat with friends and play Farmville?
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    whoa..this is awesome..Finally Google had an enemy at his own size.
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    I don't see why this will make a difference.

    People can game Google, people will game Facebook.

    What's stopping Xrumer from creating blasts of "likes" and other things like that?

    I mean this is pretty much social bookmarking and digg, reddit and other sites have been around for years doing pretty much the same thing.

    I don't see why this is so special.
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      Originally Posted by imseonewbie View Post

      I don't see why this is so special.
      It's not.

      I always laugh when I come here and see all these yahoos hyping every new online feature up, with absolutely no understanding of what they are saying.

      "Like" is the EXACT same thing as "Become A Fan", with different terminology and finally the option of deeper integration, which is pretty cool. Did "Become A Fan" threaten Google in any way when Fan pages were first released? No. It's also already pissing users off, read around.

      There is absolutely no threat to Google posed by the release of this, so please people... Stop being hypes.
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    Yeah i think google will always be the best..
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      As bgmacaw so succinctly put it, there is no
      duplicate for google. Facebook is entirely different.

      Facebook is about to take over as the most visited
      website from google.com. But it fluctuates.
      But that does not discount google. Google has not
      lost visitors, facebook is bringing more people in.

      Here are some facts:

      facebook is the most searched for term on google.
      (as well as yahoo and bing)
      What is #2 on yahoo? Google.

      People are googling for facebook, and searching
      yahoo for google.

      Heck, you could say amazon was in competition with google.
      But they are not. They actually complement each other.

      Facebook replacing google? For what?

      Let's not forget that google owns blogspot and youtube.
      Together, along with google.com, gives google a huge
      user advantage over facebook's total. Those 3 sites give
      google 3 top ten websites.

      And what happened to myspace? That is still going strong.
      Still top 10.

      Google has $25 billion+ cash in the bank.

      Facebook and google are 2 different animals.

      Facebook should, as google, branch out!

      Google would be the first to promote that!
      They have to the max. About once a month,
      google buys another online endeavor.

      Oh. I did forget gmail.

      What I and my wife have done, is stop texting the
      normal way. We message each other on our
      blackberries using the facebook app. That's free!

      But when I search on the phone, I google. When I
      want directions or maps, I google.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    One more thought... OP, you should really stop getting your tech news from CNN if you want a chance at understanding what's happening
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