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Can you get increased ranking and links, for your website that you link to from articles, if you don't spin them?

I noticed that software like articlebot by Incansoft didn't spin, maybe they upgraded since I read about it a few months back not sure.

But I was wondering if anyone submits the same article to multiple directories and has seen any improvement in their rankings as a result of it?

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    For the top 5-10 directories I would definitely use unique articles. At the very least change the titles and the first 1-2 sentences and the last sentence.

    For the remaining directories it's okay to use duplicate content as you're only interested in getting traffic straight from the directories themselves.
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    I always submit to ezines first, get accepted, then submit to multiple directories using incansoft articlebot. Articlbot doesn't spin the articles for you. But is does accept jetspinner syntax.

    I use jetspinner (which is free) to manually select all the words/phrases I want to spin then copy and paste the jetspinner syntax article into articlebot. It will then spin all of your articles using the jetspinner article syntax.

    Using this techniques has definatley helped me in the SERPs.

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    Along these lines though, if you use ArticleBot and use the Jetspinner syntax, is it worth resubmitting the same article again, but spun (ie at least a different title and most sentences spun)? I was wondering if it would be worth my while to resubmit the articles again for increased backlinks.

    Totally agree with submitting unique content (ie non-spun) articles to place like
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    Spinning your articles will make sure that the article directory's accept and keep your articles accepted so that your backlinks stay live!

    They want content but they also don't want the same content that is posted 100's of times over the web so spinning is a must.

    All spin syntax is the same or similar and usually involves the {one|two|three} syntax.

    Mark Blaze
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      @MarkBlaze I've experienced good results with submitting duplicate content, but I only do it for Press Release sites.

      If you think about this it makes sense. Anytime a big corporation writes a press release and publishes it online the exact same release will be available on easily over 100 different sites. Are they penalized in anyway? Nope. In fact, they receive substantial benefit from this.

      When it comes to straight up article sites, however. I would stick to spinning the articles like you already do. Better to stay on SE's good side.

      Keep Blazin the SERPS!
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        I just find it all confusing.

        People say publish your article to ezinearticles. Then people will put your article on their site and you will get backlinks.

        When people copy your article from ezinearticles and put it on their site they don't change the article in any way but you still get a backlink.

        If you still get a back link from other people scraping from ezinearticles then why wouldn't you get a back link from putting the article, without changing it, on to other article directories?
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        Another thing is when you submit a article to sites like isnare, where they don't spin the article at all, after the dust settles I usually find I have like 30 new links months later showing up.

        Plus their are a few other sites that just mass submit your articles. Are these sites just ripping people off?
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