For SEO is it better to name filenames.html or file-names.html or file names.html

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If someone may kindly let me know, For SEO reasons, is it any differance for filenames.html to have - (-) - between words (file-names.html) or blanck spaces (file names.html) or just to have it as (filenames.html)


or is it the same if I leave it as

my Site Reviews Privacy Policy.html when i name the file this way on the server CP it names it self replacing the space with 20% so it becomes my20%Site20%Reviews20%Privacy20%Policy.html

or may be just as: mySiteReviewPrivacyPolicy.html

Thank you
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    use this structure, my-Site-Review-Privacy-Policy.html. It is standard. For more info watch this video.


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      Thank you for your reply

      One thing regarding usability and users experience the 20% only appears in my CP on my server, but than when you click on it in the browsers navigation bare, you will read words and have only spaces in between, and like wise you type in the browser only words with spaces to call the page.

      Warriors Rock

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        It doesn't really matter whether you use keywordskeywordskeywords or keywords-keywords-keywords. Just as long as you don't use keywords_keywords_keywords.

        But in saying that if I had a choice I'd probably skip the dashes and go with keywordskeywordskeywords.

        Hope that helps.


        Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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