Backlinking to your EZA articles, will that raise its rankings?

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If you submit some articles on EZA, and link to these ezine article Urls,


I mean link to that above article with backlinks (social bookmark etC)

then will it increase that articles rankings in

1) Eza's rank, after entering the keywords in the eza search box
2) its google ranking? - this answer is pretty much a yes, right?

lets assume on the search you are entering the keyword for that artlcle
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      Originally Posted by dannyadams View Post

      I hate to comment on things like this because I've stopped using articles as a way of promotion about 18 months ago...BUT...I don't think things have changed since then.

      Getting links to the articles will CAN/Should increase it's rankings in the engines.

      I do not know about inside of EZA though as I never really paid much attention on their rankings in EZA.
      why did you stop using article marketing 18 months ago ?
      I Have to say a Massive...THANK YOU to every Warrior who has helped me, and thanks to every warrior who helps me in the future...
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    Yes, you can raise the google rankings of your articles the same way you would a page on your website by linking to it. I don't know about the ranking inside the eza search - I haven't tested it and I have no idea how they determine which article is best to show first .... that's actually a good question.

    I wouldn't depend too much on social bookmarking for doing that though unless the keyword you are going for is not very competitive.

    One thing you might try is distributing an article (that links to your eza article) through one of those distribution networks such as UAW etc... and posting it to some of the other article directories such as goarticles.

    Ezinearticles has a huge trust value so you can rank your article on their easier than you could on your brand new blog or website but the downside is that you will probably outrank your own site unless you build much more/better links to the page on your site (if you have one that is targeting the same keyword)

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    Yes, I recommend using high PR backlinks and social bookmarking.
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    Yes, backlinking to your article will increase its ranking:

    One good example ... (yes I am spying on this link for a long time now),


    the keyword "best anti aging skin care"

    You will see an ezine article on the front page and its been there for a long time already. The last time I checked on the number of backlinks it has, it is totalling 200+, some acquired through spamming dead blogs.
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