Different Google rank in different browser. WTH??

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So a week ago, I created a review site (Operation Scar Review). My target keyword is : Operation scar review

With Google Chrome, my site ranked #2 in Google for "operation scar review"
With Mozilla Firefox, my site ranked #1 in Google
With Internet Explorer, my site ranked #1 in Google
With Blackberry's browser, my site ranked #4 in Google.

What's happening here??
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    Personalized results can influence where you fall and diffferent browser might have different trackers on you.

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    I agree with Mike.

    Also, the different browsers could be sourcing different Google data centers.

    Mike's idea is more likely though.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Using Scroogle Scraper, I just find out my site ranked #1 in Google.. YAY
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    Try also clearing up your web browsers cookies and cache...
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    Another thing that can affect that is if you are logged in to your gmail account. Log-out and check the results.
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    The google adword is not accurate as it also includes all other searches that google has on other networks.
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    I agree with michaell.....thanks for sharing this information.
    I thought about the caching and server farms. I repeated the same searches over the course of a few hours. I always got the same results. Meaning useragent A always got one set of counts and user agent B always got a different set.
    That is still a possibility though, but that would mean the caching was based on user agent or that the server load balancing was based on user agent.
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    That's called Personalization.

    Here's how to stop it.
    Turning off personalization : Personalized Search - Accounts Help

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    Browser clear history, clear cache can also help and give you exact position of keyword.
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      Also try ixquick.com

      Sorry to tell you, I don't see your site in any searches.
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