Competitors knocking off your website?

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Those who have done SEO/link building know the proper and improper way of doing it. The improper way like building too many backlinks, spamming the website on bad link farm, overpinging, etc, can cause your site to be de-indexed or rank lower by Google.

Now, what are the odds of your competitor doing this to your websites? Back then, I used to have two websites ranking on the first page of Google.

A week later, those two sites were then ranked on page 20! What the heck happened? Well, as I was checking my backlinks, the sites were spammed and it appears someone to build tons of backlinks to my site quick.

So, rather than having your whitehat competitors trying to outrank you by building their own backlinks the ethical way on their own website...blackhat competitors will try to knock your site off Google by spamming your site?

How would you protect your websites from such incident?
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    I'm no SEO expert, but it seems to me that if it was that easy to knock down your competitors that it would be a free for all out there and everyone would be doing it.

    You gotta think that Google is smart enough to know this and not penalize sites for that sort of linking.

    Perhaps there was another reason why your sites were knocked down?

    The thing is that everyone expects to just maintain their ranking once they get to page 1 but the truth is that the internet is always changing, new sites come in, other sites get more backlinks, SE algorithms change etc...

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