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Thought I'd put together an article to help people looking to optimize their websites to get maximum benefit/exposure out of there site, and promotional efforts.


Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet

Ok, here is exactly what you need to know in order to be successful optimizing your sites for the search engines. Yes, many people have talked about it, and it’s probably been rehashed many times, but this article is a nice, neat, little package. Nowadays, getting listed in the search engine is more than just making optimized webpages (you actually need to do promotion as well) – but if you follow these guidelines, it will help to ensure that you get the maximum benefit and search engine exposure out of your promotional efforts.

When designing a specific webpage, you need to do the following:

1. The first thing is to decide what your particular webpage is about, and then pick keywords/keyword phrases associated with that content. Nowadays, something called ‘long-tail keywords’ is also important (which simply means 4-5 word keyword phrases). Although the traffic you can get from this keywords is very small, it is highly targeted traffic, and if you have an offer in line with what someone is looking for, you are likely to be successful. So for example, for, “affiliate” is a keyword, “how to make money through affiliate products” would be a ‘long tail’ keyword. You want to sprinkle both types of keywords through your article. For reference in the rest of this article, I will simply be using “how to make money through affiliate products” as an example of a keyword phrase.

2. Make sure you have these keywords in your webpage title (the title appears in the top left hand corner of your webbrowser). Generally it is found in something called a ‘title’ tag. If you are using Wordpress, you can generally find some good plugins such as the SEO all-in-one pack that will take care of this for you. So, using my example, you might have “ – How to make money through affiliate products”

3. Make your URL/directory contain keywords. Again, if you have a wordpress site, there is a plugin that will take care of this automatically for you (SEO All-In-One pack). So instead of “/mystuff/”, you might have it called “/How-to-make-money-through-affiliate-products/’.

4. Make sure your HTML page filename contains keywords. Again, “how-to-make-money-through-affiliate-products.htm” is much better than “stuff.htm”.

5. Include keywords within anchor text. This simply means that if you have a link to something, describe what it is using keywords. So for example, instead of “Click here!” as a link title, you might call it “Click here to leanr how to make money through affiliate products!

6. Include keywords within your image tags. Again, this is just the “alt” tag you find in HTML source code. So instead of something like “alt=image.gif”, you might have it something like “alt= How to make money through affiliate products!’”.

7. Interlink your websites. If you have more than one website domain, it is wise to contain links or references to it on other sites. If you can get other people to do a ‘link swap’ (i.e., you put your link on my site, I’ll put my link on your site), that works even better. Reasoning is, is that eventually as your site builds authority, when it is on a bunch of different sites, search engines like Google will figure it is more important.

8. Localization. Although this is more of a programming thing, if you can localize your content (whether by translated versions of your site, or have content specific to particular cities or towns), you are more likely to rank higher for particular terms. This is one thing that is becoming especially popular in Google, as you’ll find if you search for something, “local” results are more likely to rank higher than some generic run of the mill website.

9. Name your images/documents with keywords in them. Google does archive various other document formats (i.e., .swf, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, etc, etc), and if you name your documents accordingly (i.e., instead of “ebook.pdf”, call it “How_to_make_money_through_affiliate_products.pdf” ), you are more likely to rank higher for those particular terms as well.

10. Include a google sitemap. This simply makes it easy for google to find webpages on your website and make sure that it doesn’t ‘miss’ anything. If you are using Wordpress, look at something like “Google XML Sitemaps”.

11. Include keywords in your domain. Obviously since my domain is about affiliate products, affiliate marketing, etc, etc, it is called So if you are creating a niche specific website, make sure you include related keywords.

12. Keep your content fresh. If you post a new blog posting, say, once a week, search engines like Google are more likely to figure that you have a ‘quality’ site (because you, or at least an automated program), has taken the time to make sure new content is updated, as opposed to having nothing say for a year or so. Kind of like google thinks if you don’t care about your site, why should they? So make sure you have something new every now and then.

Anyways, these are a couple quick things you should have in your search engine optimization checklist. Of course I know there are more, but this should help give you a good start for any new site you create, and making sure your maximize the benefit of any of your promotional efforts.

Good luck!
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    • Originally Posted by jesupelumi6298 View Post

      will i get anything from here
      Please clarify?
      Pick a product. Pick ANY product! -> 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
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    Great advice thanks for the free tips!
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    Thanks for taking the time to give some good information quickly.

    Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price.
    Vince Lombardi

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    Good tips here but this not a cheat sheet these are things everyone should know for proper search engine optimization.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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      Originally Posted by Charleskidd View Post

      Good tips here but this not a cheat sheet these are things everyone should know for proper search engine optimization.
      Hey Charles, you are totally right, everyone SHOULD know and do these things.

      That is EXACTLY why it is a cheat sheet!

      I would not call it a 100% comprehensive cheat sheet but it is a great start. Thank you, AffiliateInABox for you post and effort.
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    Great advice, and I have also noted that when you can find a keyword domain that will really give you an advantage, and it does not have to be a .com. .org's are my second choice and I have had a few rank well for my chosen keywords.
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    • Originally Posted by BryanWebber View Post

      Great post....I believe this is more on organic seo stuff right? Which is really great since search engines love that more than the paid deals..... Thank you for posting this.
      Yes, this is organic. Of course, at one time this is all you had to do and you would naturally get Google, etc to index you, but now you need to do a lot more than that (i.e., promotion, etc).

      Pick a product. Pick ANY product! -> 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
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    very good starter list. It seems like there are so many things to automate this already (if you are doing WP), so I noticed that everyone focuses on the "promotion" side now. Any interest in making that cheat sheet?
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    It's a good starting point, but on page factors can only get you so far these days. Most niche's are so competitive that you're lucky to be the top 500 with only on-page work.

    Start with this, but don't focus on it. Move on to your backlink building and other SEO work so people can actually find your site!

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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      There is always someone who is going to come in and think you should have done more in situations like this so here is what I think...great starter list and although everyone should know this as someone pointed out, no one is born with it so you have to learn it in the first place to know it and a cheat sheet is excellent for new people! Of course there is more to it but a cheat sheet is a quick reference for some of the basics. This served its purpose nicely thanks
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    thanks for the free tips, always nice to have a little reminder, some of things in your list I had forgot to do over time!
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    when interlinking in your site. does it matter if its a nofollow or a dofollow?
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      I'd stay away from interlinking your sites unless they are from different IP's. That's asking to get noticed.
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    Thank you for your effort for publishing this information.
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