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Hey All,
It PAYS to keep an eye on what ads are running on your website.
I am running a website which was really starting to decrease in click profits but my traffic was increasing every day (200,000+ a month now). I found my site being bombarded with the ugly "1 trick of a tiny belly ads" (my site has nothing to do with weight loss).

I was making about .05c a click from the weight loss ads, and I know my niche pays .40c - $1 a click.

So I blocked all "weight loss" ads from appearing on my site, only to find they were still appearing... I found out what the URL of the ads were and blocked them via the competitive filter. (Don't click on them as its against Googles T&C's)

I am now getting slightly less clicks per day but I am now back to making more per click.. And I know I would much prefer less clicks at .50 then more at .05c a click J

So I would recommend if you are running a site that has nothing to do with weight loss to block these ads as well, and let the ads associated with your site/keywords back. Not only should your profits increase but I'm sure your visitors are sick of seeing these ads as well.

These are the 2 I blocked:

Hope this helps others as it has me

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