Multiple Ip address hosting. Is it important to SEO?

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I'm using WP-Robot system for my Internet Business and I stumble on a strategy to boost our SEO effort... especially when I use the google translation features... Some people said that it is good to use multiple ip hosting to neglect from get banned from google for using too many google translation at one time...

What is the best option for my campaign;

  1. Single hosting for only 1 domain
  2. multiple ip hosting for many domains
which is better for my money and the best for SEO?

what is the best and cheapest multiple ip hosting provider? SEO host by host gator is quite expensive for me.... give ur comments please! thanks
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    "SEO host by host gator is quite expensive for me"

    If you find that expensive, your in the wrong business. Try having a brick and mortar business and you will see whether HostGator hosting is expensive.

    Ever heard the saying "It takes money to make money", its kinda true
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    You'll do fine with a single ip address. You can safely host many sites on a single ip with no possibility of becoming delisted as long as you don't interlink them or use black hat techniques on them
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    SeoHosting by Hostgator is definitely more expensive
    than the many other muliple C class IP hosting
    companies out there, but I would rather go with
    a more "reliable" company like Hostgator... until and
    unless others prove their worth first.

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    for hosting maybe you can try limehosting. but it's not a big company. i recommend it just because i like the fast and good customer service they provide.
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