8 Sites & Just £10 Adsense Earnings

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I feel like quite the amature here, Ive 8 adsense sites up and running and have only made a combined £10 in 3 months!!!

I feel like everything I'm doing is right and dont really understand why I'm not earning more!! :confused:

I've done all the research, i.e. narrowed down to keywords without intense competition although I have just targeted an extremely competive one to see if I can rank.

I've got some reasonable global monthly searches for my keywords and in most cases the average CPC is good, so what am I doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated as I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, especially when reading about what some of you guys are earning with adsense!

I feel that some advanced hints and tips would really help as I feel that I have the basics covered.:p


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    You'll have to answer some questions about your sites:
    - where are you ranking for your keywords
    - how much traffic are you getting
    - what is your adsense CTR

    And then figure out how to improve each of those, or ask more specific questions.
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    Well. quality is always better then quantity. Many people are trying to run many website to earn with adsense, and many newbie is trying to go into high pay niche but most of them fail to make good money. The main reason is the quality, quality site need to spend lot of time to build it and all those optimization need to be monitored and tested before it can generate good income to you
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    Hi Wayne,

    The most important element for AdSense earnings is highly targeted traffic.

    The first question I have for you is how much traffic are you receiving? And the second question is how well targeted is it? If you can get ample targeted traffic, AdSense is very good at monetizing it.

    A very common problem for new publishers is the incorrect selection of keywords based on retrieving the wrong data from the keyword tool. You must use the exact match setting in the tool to get the data you need. Did you use exact match?

    Once you have selected a good set of keywords, you must optimize your relevant and useful content for your web pages and promote your pages until they reach the first page of SERP. Have you reached the first page of SERP for your targeted keywords? If not, then you have more work to do before you can begin to earn.
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      How much traffic are you receiving? Without it no money is going to be made.

      If keyword research is ok, may be you want to dumb down the site, have minimal pictures and other distraction. Make adsense the thing that stands out and put a big 330 x 250 block at the top.
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    You are doing everything right but what about your ranking?
    No ranking = no traffic = no $
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    Is that your content valuable and interesting? And those ads are related to your site, if not, you won't get more money.
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    That's nothing to be too concerned about. They're making money at least!

    I guess the obvious suggestions would be to add more content, build more backlinks and see if the layout can be improved to increase your CTR. If the site's goal is solely to earn Adsense income, remove any other outbound links. A few may help for SEO purposes, but you can place those out of the way where people will be less likely to click on them.
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    Second to anyone else. First, take a look at your traffic. If they are targeted traffic then you're halfway there. Second, try to raise the positions of your sites in search engine. Backlinks, backlinks, and backlinks. Third, try to look at your adsense CTR. A lot of visitors mean nothing if you can't convert them into clicks. On the contrary, decent amount of visitors can bring you enough cash with good CTR.
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    My top tip is to build one massive site. I started my personal website in '99. I wrote a few articles about complete rubbish.

    One of my articles gets 4000 views a month - not bad for a personal site!

    Also you need to build sites based on both big traffic subjects and good monetising subjects. You'll probably not succeed with only one of these two.

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    well I think you need to drive more traffics to your site. The more traffice the more adsense earning. try all the available way of increase traffice to your site. Traffice is money
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    You need to make sure that your traffic is good and also look into where is your keywords rank and how many searches you are getting on daily basis. It is also good to have those channels from your adsense account so you can track down which are making you money..

    Just my 3 cents

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      Um my question is -why 8 sites?

      Have you ever checked the Adsense case studies provided by Google?

      In there you will find there is only one site.

      Why not focus all your adsense efforts into sites like those?
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    I feel your pain man. My stats are very similar.

    Whenever I get down on myself, I just keep telling myself...this is not a get rich quick scheme, I have learned something from each of my failures. I'm not making money because I'm not doing something right. This has made me really fine tune my decision making.

    I won't quit until I see the other side, eventually the cream rises to the top.

    Keep going man, you will figure it out.
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