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Hey there Warriors,
I'm quite new over here so excuse me if I posted this up in the wrong section. My bad. Anyhow, I figured, what better way to introduce myself than sharing some tools we "coded" up (if you can call it coding, Yahoo Pipes + Regex =/= coding...).

You can find the tools over at (damn.. I can't post any links...). Well just follow my signature and check out the "Free Tools" section. We have released two of them so far. Number one is a pretty basic Twitter scraper (returns a list of targeted users to follow, scrapes three different sources right now, more will be added later), number two is an indexing/backlinking tool (submits your resource to ten, again more will be added later, different "evaluation" services, gaining you backlinks, etc.)

Anyhow, check it out and let me know what you think. Hope this proves to be useful to some.


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