what is the best script or program to send new thread to multi forums ?

by kmh
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I want trused script or program to send a new thrread for many of forums.(my list not random)
could you help me ?
I ask about quick sumbition New thread to many forums .
I want ask about the best
#forums #multi #program #script #send #thread
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    not spam.
    sent to specific forums.
    no profiles or post spams.
    just 1 thread / week
    I want use it for post thread about weekly news or update on our site
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    any help ??
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    I think it's still spam - I don't know any program that can do this.

    Spam because... Actually you could make a thread for 1000 forums with a salesletter - if 99% is going to delete this thread - you will still have 100 live threads where you will be able to "sell" stuff..

    It's just spam IMO!

    It's not the same as article-submitters, because they need approvel and stuff like that - in forums you can just make random threads about anything
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