How to get big cash from Google Adsense

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i am using adsense but not getting good income. is there any trick to get good amount from adsense ?
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    This is a sensitive issue. You set up your site and have the mind to make it big. Then with great expectation and no result.

    This is what you see most with people.

    However, making it big with adesense require just more than setting up site. You will need the following:
    1. Get a great domain name
    2. Get a reliable hosting account
    3. Get a wordpress them that is adsense optimised
    4. Write articles, articles related to your niche and keyword
    5. make more sites of various niches
    6. Write and submit articles to ezines
    7. Share your expertised and advise in forums as this and get your sig to your site
    8. Blog blog blog and make money with adsense and other affiliates along with your adsense
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    Well .. I don't think there is a "trick" ..

    Anyway .. if you want good income , Adsense is the worst choice for you.
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    Yes, I keep reading that Google Adsense isn't as great as it used to be to making a great income. I guess some people are making awesome money with it though.
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      Honestly, my wife and I do a lot of different things online, but AdSense is the easiest (by far) money we make each month.

      Most of my AdSense sites I created over a year ago (only about a dozen) and have put little effort in them since. For us, it is pretty easy money each month.

      For example, one of my sites is in the "finding lost people" niche. I paid a student $100 to write the content for it. That was over 2 years ago and I have not touched the site since but for the copyright date and an added privacy page. I don't know the exact numbers right now, but the site has earned me well over $3000. Best of all, the bulk of that has come in the past year as, for some reason, Yahoo decided to give it good love all of a sudden a few months back.

      If it didn't sound like hype, I would call it almost free money.

      Keywords, content, and SEO are key.
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    Get Traffic.

    It is as simple as that.

    You could have a 1 page site and spend 99% of your time driving traffic and you will make money.


    You can have a massive site and spend 99% of your time building it and eventually it should make you money.
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