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I have been going through my statcounter logs, noting any keyword which I does not appear in my web page and then inserting it somewhere in my web page. Doing this I have input about 20 keyword phrases that I didn't have before. I always look to see if I can insert these phrases into a meaningful sentence, but some of them I have just mixed into blocks of text which probably don't get read much by visitors.

My hope is that this method will result in Google selecting my page more often as the top result, or at least higher than it would otherwise be for these extra keywords. The results I am getting appear to be steadily improving, but of course that could be for a variety of other reasons.

What I am most concerned about is whether this technique could be seen by big G as 'keyword stuffing'.

For my main keyword (which is generally not included within the additional phrases I was referring to above) the keyword density is 6.9%. I have read that 3 to 7 per cent is the best range, but I would welcome other opinions - ideally based on practical trials.

What say ye?

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    I consider that keyword stuffing. I don't know if you'll get penalized for it but it's not worth the risk. Google has penalized before for keyword stuffing, so I guess it's just a matter of time before you get penalized. If it doesn't help the user, there's no point in having it on the site. Put it in sentences and make it useful for readers or don't have it at all.

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    Well said Internet, just write your content for people not search engines, you wont get penalised for it, you will just show lower down in serps, as your content will be low quality !

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    Seems a weird way of doing it to me. If it is showing in your statcounter log, surely you are being found for it anyway ???

    If you get found for a word you are not targetting and it has good search numbers, do a few backlinks with that anchor text to try to push yourself higher in the rankings for that word, but I'd user GAKT or wonderwheel to insert some semantically related keywords into your content.

    You can get found for hundreds of words you are not targetting anyway, pick the good ones to push and don't worry about the rest, you'll end up with a page of nonsense :-)

    6.9% density !!! I never go over 2%, usually between 1-1.5% and have no problem ranking
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