Anyone seeing success with Scribd?

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Is anyone here using Scribd for article marketing? How's it working for you? Is it better/worse than traditional article directories like EZA, Go Articles, etc?

Thanks in advance for your input!
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    I honestly dont see scribed ranking all that often anymore, some of my old testing sites that were using scribed as anchors in the past have all but falling out of the index.

    While that is a fairly general statement and wont apply to all, I have not had the same negative experience with well written articles.

    While writing them or having them written can be a pain, it still is funneling in traffic and links to many of my low competition sites.

    A couple hours of quick work a week has had many of my sites ranking at the top of google within a few weeks, granted these are specific and long tail terms and the traffic volume is nothing to get excited about, what I am very happy with is the conversion levels of these terms are astounding and very very profitable 90 % of the time.

    best of luck
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