I have a PR 4 html site going to Wordpress will I lose PR ?

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I have a website that's about 4 years old... It has a page rank of 4, I'd like to convert it to a wordpress site. Completely replacing the full website...

Does anyone have experience with this type of situation... I just don't want to lose any PR..

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    The Pagerank is associated with the domain name and not the type of site. Changing to a wordpress site will not hurt your pagerank
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    I moved a static site to affiliate genie template 6 months ago. Deleted the old pages and put the content on my new template which changed the page names. Quickly went to a PR0 !

    If you are changing the page names or deleting some of the content (good pr pages) you could lose it.

    I had to reupload some of the old content pages i deleted and put a redirect for each page with the new location for it in the .htaccess in order to get my PR back.
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    You won't lose PR if you don't change your URLs delete pages during your transfer. You should have no issue.
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    The main homepage wil keep the same, but if you have some inner page that has PR, then the page vanish.
    Also internal links from those inner pages is good if they have PR.

    But if none of your site inner pages have PR, you will not get any harm
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    Thanks for the info guys... very helpful.
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    i went from a squeeze page into a wordpress blog and it still gots its PR.
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      You need to keep the link structure relatively the same.

      Side note:

      Great strategy: Find a domain name that has a high PR that has recently expired. Buy the domain name. Search the history of the site & find the sitemap. Rebuild the site with the same link structure. You now own a PR x site without all the work of building it up. Costs about $60 in total.

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    Nick, will you be deleting all of your content period, or will you be converting it over to posts?

    You should copy your content into new posts, and try to keep the url intact, you can fix this by changing your permalink structure, to the structure you had before. If possible.
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      Another choice is to use 301's.

      Best and easiest is to name the new pages the same ( as suggested earlier) if you can. If not then do a 301 from the old url to the new one. If you had a lot of pages and to not want to do one for all of them you could check your back links and just do the pages with links going to them.

      Since you will be using wordpress you could take a look at the following plug-in makes dealing with the redirects a bit easier.

      WordPress › Redirection WordPress Plugins

      One other thought is that if you were using www.yourdomain before you should stick with it when you redo the site and not go to http://youdomain

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        Another choice is to leave the static site as is and simply install Wordpress around it. A wordpress install and a static site can happily coexist. Build all of your new pages in Wordpress without the risk of losing links and search traffic to your static pages. The Wordpress htaccess file will first look to see if a static file exists before activating Wordpress to serve that page.

        However, definitely want to convert the existing site to Wordpress then you should be able to keep the URL structure identical. You can add an .html extension to your permalinks i.e. /%category%/%postname%.html or /%postname%.html. Of you can use the "html on pages plugin" to help keep the url structure the same.

        I think with either of the above you will have no PR issues.
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    See, the next PR update is coming in next 2-3 weeks. So, I suggest you to wait for the PR update, so that you have enough time to get your WP site on track.

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    It is very important that you retain or use the same keywords. Especially on the particular keywords you rank high on.
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    You can use 301 redirect from your old URL's to new wordpress URL's.

    Google will forward your link-juice/pr/traffic to the new URL for you.
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    I dont think you can predict it in advance but if you modify your content and keep adding more unique contents and promote it then you wont lose it
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    Use 301 redirects for all your links to the new ones...you may loose PR initially but in the next up date you ll be back to your original PR status
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