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Hello FEllow Warriors,

I am planning to start a PPC campaign . I did research in my niche and there are more than 8000 "Broad Match" searches and only 100 "Exact Match Searches" according to Google Keyword Tool.These searches are for more than 30 keywords.

My Question: Should i make decision based upon "Exact Match" No. of searches or Broad Match No. of search as per Google Keyword Tool? And should i go for this project?

I am planning to start this campaign for my client (debt collector firm) in my local area...I am bit reluctant because there are enough Broad Match Searches but not sufficient Exact Match Searches and this campaign might be ineffective that might give wrong impression...So, need your reviews.

Waiting for response soon...

Best REgards...
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    Forgive me for saying so, but you do not sound like a PPC professional, so I wonder whether you are ready to be offering paid PPC services.

    That said, you should not make any decisions without proper statistical data. PPC is not based on common sense, but on data.

    You should include all keywords with all 3 match types (broad, phrase, exact). Then you do a "keyword blast" for at least a weak and preferably longer, i.e. you run all your keywords at your minimum first page bid prices. This is expensive, but you are paying for your data, and your client should appreciate that this is necessary.

    Once you have accumulated enough data, you can optimize you campaign. You need to decide what a conversion is worth to your client, and turn off the keywords that don't convert well enough.

    This is a very simplified description but it's a start.
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      It sounds like you're working with a small debt collection firm (only serving one city or area)... If that is the case, I would be very carfeful about running broad keywords for stuff like debt collection or collection agencies.

      On broad match you will accrue A LOT of clicks and A LOT of spend running keywords like that. Also, if the debt collection agency your working for services only a small area, you'll be getting mostly irrelevant traffic.

      I would check out the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. It's a really good book for getting started.
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    I concur with both of the above posts. Nothing against you but you are not ready to manage accounts for clients.
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    What does Exact,Broad and Phrase mean (not in general) but in Google Keyword Tool???

    Love the Humanity...:)

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