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by LucasT
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Has anybody tested whether or not a hyphenated keyword for a URL is as SEO friendly as a non-hyphenated URLs?

Example: vs

(I'm sure this discussion has taken place before, if you know this to be true then please point me in the right direction)

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    Google ignores hyphens and other punctuations. Looks bad for normal people though.
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      I use both and focus more on getting the domain name to include words I want to use. I usually try to limit to one or two hyphens but I have a domain with four hyphens (an older site) that does fine.

      Given the choice I'd go with no hyphens - but sometimes the choice isn't there for some keywords.

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    I wouldn't use hyphens... It looks so unprofessional.
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      I agree that hyphens in a domain name can be unprofessional for a business website, but for a sub niche to drive small amounts of traffic and for back-linking purposes, it seems it wouldn't hurt.
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        Hi LucasT

        If you ever wonder about hyphens go to just about any page #1 on Google and you will see all sorts of strange characters included in the URL's so why on earth would you worry about a little old hyphen (or two) in a domain.

        What matters is that:-

        1) It gets indexed
        2) it gets onto page #1
        3) people see it and click it.

        The rest as they say is "money in the bank".


        Bronwyn and Keith
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    Hyphens wouldn't matter much in SEO as long as you have the targeted keywords in them. The only thing that's conflicting in this is having the "recall" for your readers. Domains with hyphens are easily misspelled or forgotten.
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