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I was wondering if social bookmarks help in seo ?

If yes then I would highly appreciate if someone can point me towards a ebook on his topic.

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    They definitely help with traffic generation, and I would say they help with SEO - even if it is temporary.

    I have posted things before, bookmarked, and those bookmarks will show along the first page search results.

    The amount of time it shows for will vary depending on what other competition is there.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I have found a great FREE ebook for you.
    Unlimited Social Traffic.
    Unlimited Social Traffic » Meet, Greet, Social Network and Facebook Connect in the Internet Marketing World!

    Spending your hard-earned money on advertising and promotion for your business can become a big expense for your business overtime...

    Just think of the cost of running a pay-per-click campaign. It requires a lot of your attention -- testing, tracking, your time and a lot of money.

    What other advertising methods are you spending on? The truth is, you're probably not getting the results you wanted.

    Well, I've found a great and free way to generate more business to any of my sites using high traffic social media sites, and the traffic is highly targeted!

    It's all in this special report, called: Unlimited Social Traffic.

    Something new soon.

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    thanks i have been social bookmarking every single part of my websites. I hope it helps for seo. I know it helps for traffic.
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  • Thanks for sharing such a good e-book mate.
    Ofcourse it help to generate backlink and social awareness. The first priority is from my side is give to social network.
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    Websites such as Digg reddit stumbleapon are social bookmarking sites where users can post links to book marking websites.Social is when you take a page from your site and bookmark different sites.It is important so that Google indexes and search engines the website quickly.It is important, because they generate traffic to websites and increase pagerank sites.
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