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Hi my site has been at number 1 in google for about 2 months now. It has been on the first page for 3 months. it is brand new domain registered in January 2010 and got a pagerank of 4 within 3 months. It has been dropped to a PR0!!

My site has suddenly dropped from position 1 to position 15 and shows no signs of improving. It went through a google dance a few months ago but came back as no. 1. Last week it went to position 15, then back to no.1 for a day and now for last 5 days it has not budged. Is this normal??

Thanks for any help.
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    If your domain name is new , google dance is normal. After all getting PR4 within 3 months awesome brother. I experienced the same Google dance problem with all my domains when it was new.

    Even with some of my older domain names I am facing Google dance and I usually don't worry much about it.
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    well i have heard a lot of that happening nowadays.. i wonder why
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      Originally Posted by infinitel View Post

      well i have heard a lot of that happening nowadays.. i wonder why
      I had the same thing happen to me. Don't feel bad.

      Google makes hundreds of changes to their algorithm yearly. That's why it's good to worry more about designing a good website rather than trying to manipulate the search engines. A black hat SEO person may get #1 but once Google notices, you'll find that individual here and elsewhere posting as to why their site vanished from search results. Quality websites that obey the rules tend to better endure the test of time.
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    I too saw change in my 5 year old domain which dropped from number 3 to number 30 ! This thing happened around 17th of this month but my site got back on same position around 27th june so probably there were doing some adjustments to their algo.

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    Thanks guys, my site is hard to add value to as it is all user generated content: job vacancies. That said I do intend to start a blog within the next few days for it. I must admit it is so disheartening when you have worked so hard to get your site to number 1 for 3-4 months constantly, and then it goes to somewhere it was months and months ago!!!! Brings a new meaning to the phrase "a come down"!!!
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    JUST checked it has dropped down to a PR0!!!!!! Any ideas??
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