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Are there other adsense type programs out there other than Google that you can place on a website like you can Google Adsense? I know you can place affiliate ads on your website but I was just wanted to know if there were other companies like Google that do adsense type programs.
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    Hi Susanna,

    Please take this as friendly, helpful advice, as that's what it is.

    Some tips for genral forum use and for getting a much better response to your question -

    1. Thread title - what made you use that one? Internet marketers need to know the value of headlines/titles/communication/information. This is a perfect example of a thread title that isn't very good - no offence.

    What stopped you from using a title like 'Would like to know alternatives to adsense'.

    2. The correct forum - the adsense forum is a much better place to ask this question.

    3. Searching before asking - have you done a search for 'adsense alternatives' on the forum or on Google?

    4. Be specific - help others to answer your question - it wastes your time and everyone elses if you're not as specific as possible - you might either get questions as replies to your question, or incorrect answers.

    I would presume that what you mean is 'other advertising that is contextual?' - IE - it automatically places the most relevant ads?

    It could be other things. There are advertising types that are designed purely to look like adsense, but aren't contextual, they're static.

    Do you want to get paid per click? Or do you want to add your own adverts? Do you want them to rotate? What is it about adsense that you would like in a different system?

    I hope that this helps. If you can give some more information, I might be able to answer concisely, and so may others.

    Roger Davis

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      Originally Posted by ExRat View Post

      Hi Susanna,

      2. The correct forum - the adsense forum is a much better place to ask this question.
      This IS the Adsense forum.........
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        I'm not familiar with any other than ad Mob...but that's for mobile ads.
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    There's Chitika, Yahoo and others..........

    Just do a search for "adsense alternatives"........you'll find plenty
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      Hi Frank,

      This IS the Adsense forum
      It wasn't when it was originally posted.

      Roger Davis

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    You might want to try Yahoo ads.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I was typing as I was thinking about this question and did not plan it out very well. I'll be sure to pay more attention to topics before placing threads.
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      Honestly no company out there matches what adsense pays. I would stick with adsense unless you got banned or for some reason you just can't be in the program. The ones below are decent alternatives.

      Exit Junction
      Target Point
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