Will Google Disable My Account If There Is Sudden Rise In My Account?

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Hi Warrior Gurus,

Greetings to you all. Something just came up and i decided to take advice from you guys since i know there are lots of professionals here.
This is my story,

I'm a local internet marketer who has made some buck online selling to my local environment. I recently attended a seminar by a co marketer who reveal the secrets on how he's earning almost $400 daily with Google Adsense. I was totally astonish because i knew everything he thought on that seminar including driving traffic to any website. His secret is that he knows the highest paying keywords such as Insurance, Mortgage, Student Loans, Voip and so forth. So he will simply create blog around those keywords and drive avalanche of traffic to them. Within 4 hours in the seminar, we made $90. I was more speechless at this moment.

Actually, i was underrating Google adsense. I never new some of those keywords are paying as high as $50 per click or thousand impression to google. When i discovered this, i started creating blogs and driving traffic to them.

But I'm nervous now. I'm earning almost $100 daily, Will Google raise an eyeball on me if my account is suddenly increasing daily? Most especially when its obvious that I have not made any earning since i open the account last year. To be sincere, all my traffic techniques are whitehat and most of them are from social networking sites like myspace, facebook and twitter.

Please gurus in the house, if my account balance rose to $3, 000 in one month; Will Google Disable it even though I'm using whitehat methods to drive traffic? Or should I reduce the earning to $20 daily so that after i receive my first check i can then promote it aggressively?

My Dear Gurus, all constructive advice will be highly appreciated.
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    Google controls everthing, however very unlikely. Isn't that the point of Google Adsense is to generate income and promote traffic? Good work!

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