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Hi all,

I've been trying to build up one of my sites lately with a few different articles and am noticing something strange. I have 2 sets of keywords that I am optimizing for on seperate posts, and I made my posts quite similar (not content wise, but format, keyword placement, etc). Most of my Competition Metrics are very similar between the pages. The keywords are 4-word keywords if that helps.

Competing pages: 103K (Page1), 132K (Page 2)
Competing pages (with quotes): 14K (Page1), 9K (Page 2)
allintitle method: 1.1K (Page 1), 300 (Page 2)
Top 10 results: 5 similar sites are shown in both results.

Right now I rank #2 with Page2, but #43 with Page 1. I realize that Page 1 does have more competition but I have been able to succesfully reach Page 1 for page with much higher competition values than Page 1.

Each Page has the same number of backlinks to them as well. Also, Page 2 was only indexed on July 11th. Is it possible that the ranking will change after Google processes all of the potential backlinks?

Also, i'm wondering if there are any other competition metrics I could use to assess the keywords. There could be a method that I am missing that could explain the big differences.

Thanks everyone!
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    Sorry to bump, just find it weird that this one post is giving me so much trouble getting into the top 10, when I've been successful with many others with similar numbers.

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