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Hi, i am having a problem with my website, i was page rank 3 on google.com, but then over night i went from page 3 to page 15, i slowly crawled back up to page 9 then dropped to 11 again, why is this happening?

i do about 20 decent backlinks a day, how can i make my seo better, i need to get higher one my page ranks!!

my site with the problem is Nutrition Creatine - Build muscle fast with Creatine. and my keyword is nutrition creatine.

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    it might just be doing the Google dance....probably more than usual if the site is newer.

    Give it a few weeks and see if it doesn't settle down a bit.

    Another word of advice is not to give away your niche keywords....
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      Yep good advice from Simpleonline.

      Go back to your post and edit out those keywords.

      The word is that Google is changing on backlink
      recognition, credibility and value with Google's "Reasonable Surfer" algorithm.
      In effect;
      "How the Value of a Link May Differ Based upon Link
      and Document Features and User Data."
      Read my post here:
      Confusion - The Google Surfer

      As you stated above you continued to add 20 backlinks a day.

      What you may have done is after you were at #3 you
      continued to create backlinks and received a penalty.

      Maybe so or maybe not .. but IMHO it happened.

      Rule of thumb ... once you are on page one ..
      If it ain't broke ... Don't fix it.

      Hope this helps,
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    Sharing your keyword openly here on the forum isn't going to help your ranking either. You probably have a couple dozen new competitors from doing so. Guard your keywords with your life! As far as your slumping rankings go it could be dancing on you. Check them again in a week to see if they have climbed at all.

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    Yeah. I'm going to use your keyword...lol.joke
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    hahaha vivifoster

    ah i see, when you say to "Go back to your post and edit out those keywords." where exactly do you mean? in my meta keywords or just in the articles? :S

    Also to careygee, i look at that post, it kinda helped, but me being new to this there are a few things that i didnt understand in response to

    "Rule of thumb ... once you are on page one ..
    If it ain't broke ... Don't fix it"

    once im one page one i wont be changing anything, just got to fix and tweak my site untill i get there
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