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We're about to launch a new website in late November, but I'm starting to feel a bit stressed out about Google's quality score for landing pages...

Since our landing page will only consist of a 4 paragraph sales letter, some bullets and a quiz form (We'll also add 'privacy policy', 'terms and conditions' and 'about us' page). I'm thinking of submit a few articles to some directories and post a few links on blogs to get some back links. Do you think this will be enough to get an "Great" QS?

Do you have any good links about QS you would like to share?

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    Magnus -

    Basically you need to SEO a page. Whatever
    is best practice for SEO is best-practice for
    QS. Include some relevant pictures, named on
    topic too. Blogs have also done much better
    for me over the last 6 months than standard
    sites (I've put up 2 version of the same site,
    using the same template, etc) and the blog
    always does better in Google's eyes.

    NOTE: I don't believe in sending PPC traffic
    to anything but a squeeze page. The trick is
    the art of illusion - show Google what they
    want to see. You'll have to figure out the
    rest of that.

    This could (will) be a complete chapter in a
    book - but these tips will help you.

    The Affiliate Black Book
    The Inside Nasty on How to Kick the Snot Out of a Google Cash affiliate.

    Black Books Blog: No Cow is Too Sacred
    The Death of Crap: Crap Dies Slowly
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    Some great advice given there by "X".

    You can check for a good article on how to master the google landing page quality score. I would post the link, but I'm not allowed as yet.
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    thanks for your advice X
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    You should also focus on relevancy of your keywords with your ad copy and landing page .

    One thing , you should be aware is that keywords and ads which have historically bad CTR could also deplete your overall performance of your keywords .

    I hope it helps,

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    Make a landing page for each group of key phrases so that you can incorporate the page name, headline and content into the same them.
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    You should employ effective onpage SEO. The length really doesn't matter. If you can link to some/all of these, that could help:

    Home, About, Contact, Terms, Privacy Policy and Sitemap, as text links at the bottom.

    You really shouldn't focus too much on off page SEO such as link building, initially at least. The quality of your landing page is only a part of the QS.
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